Zelensky fires back at Elon Musk’s ‘insane’ Twitter poll on peace in Russia, Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has hit back at Elon Musk’s “insane” Twitter poll about peace proposals between Russia and Ukraine.

The Tesla titan took to Twitter and proposed a range of ideas for resolving the eight-month-long conflict, asking his followers to vote “yes” or “no” to his proposals, including formally allowing Russia to annex Crimea.

And the stunt went bad with the country’s leader taking to Twitter with a poll of his own.

Zelensky, who has become a social media star himself over the course of the war, asked his 6.6 million Twitter followers to pick which Elon Musk they “liked more.”

He then gave them two options: “Someone who supports Ukraine” or “Someone who supports Russia”.

The richest man in the world has come under sharp criticism from Ukrainians after making specific peace proposals to end the war.

“Re-run the elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia will leave if it is the will of the people,” Musk wrote.

Crimea is formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake).

“Water supply to Crimea assured. Ukraine remains neutral.”

The world’s richest person then added: ‘This will most likely eventually be the result – it’s just a matter of how many die before then.

“It is also worth noting that a possible, if unlikely, outcome of this conflict is nuclear war.”

He later added: “Russia is engaged in partial mobilization. They proceed to full war mobilization if Crimea is in danger. Death on both sides will be devastating. Russia has >3 times the population of Ukraine, so a victory for Ukraine is unlikely in an all-out war. If you care about the people of Ukraine, seek peace.”

Mr Musk’s proposals, which include polls in the annexed territories, were also rejected by some Twitter critics.

“First, it is simply insane to poll people in an active and contentious war zone, even during a ceasefire. The UN observers will not stay forever. What happens to voters who vote ‘wrong’ after one party wins?” tweeted Dmitry Grozoubinski, a Ukrainian-born former Australian diplomat.

And another user added: “Elon projects Russian propaganda, Ukraine brings out the heavy weapons.”

“There should have been a third option: Elon Musk keeping quiet about things he knows nothing about,” another user tweeted.

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