Women hear how partner is killed by dogs during phone call

A man was beaten to death by a pack of six dogs while on the phone with his partner who heard he was being “torn apart”.

Neville Thomson, 69, was attacked by dogs he housed for a friend on his property in Hokianga Harbor in New Zealand, The sun reports.

Neville’s stepdaughter Stella Matthews said her mother had him on a leash when the dogs launched their fatal attack.

“Apparently he went outside and put the phone down and my mother heard shuffling, screaming and grunting,” Stella said.

“She stayed on the phone for no less than 25, 30 minutes”

And Neville’s daughter Nataria Moore added that her father’s death and its nature had “shocked” the family and the close-knit community, the New Zealand outlet reports. stuff.

“We’ll just survive,” she said. “It’s a shock. When I found out, I felt like the air had been taken out of the room.”

Nataria said her father had a “big heart” and had helped a friend who needed somewhere to live.

“He was actually trying to get him out” [the friend] because he didn’t want those dogs around him,” she added.

“And he tried to protect his two dogs during all this by keeping them locked inside. They were not involved at all.”

Other members of the community also paid tribute to Neville, describing him as “kind and generous” and a “great support to the people”.

“He was very active in the community and a great support to the people,” said Rev. Maliu ‘Otutaha.

“It was very sad for the community to lose him because he was very kind and generous.”

Two dogs are currently on the loose after police shot one of them and arrested two others on Thursday local time.

According to reports from 1news, a Friday morning local time returned.

Police urged local residents to avoid stray dogs in the area and to call emergency services immediately if they are seen.

Police added that they were unable to provide a description of the animals involved in the tragic attack at this stage.

A post-mortem examination of Neville is due to be conducted on Saturday, but police will remain on the scene overnight, according to a senior detective.

A Far North District Council member, Dr Dean Myburgh, said about 25 dogs had been taken from the site to a shelter in northern New Zealand after being “caught up”.

He said they were unregistered and some were puppies and confirmed that the primary breeds of the dogs were neo mastiff and bulldog crossbreeds.

Myburgh also described the dogs as “in very good condition”.

“It is not known why so many dogs were present. It’s just something the police need to get to the bottom of, and we’ll help them where we can.”

A history check on the property revealed that there were no active registered dogs.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is reproduced with permission.

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