Will Aaron Rodgers end up on injured reserve?

Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers broke his thumb in week five. It took him nearly seven weeks to acknowledge that the thumb is broken.

Why didn’t he say that before?

There are three possibilities, as we see it. First, he was tempted to reveal it since it happened, and eventually gave in to the urge to make sure everyone knows what he’s dealing with. Second, in the wake of Thursday’s poor performance against the Titans, he decided he had to give credence to the built-in excuse for multiple bad pitches. Third, he lays the groundwork for his season’s endgame and possibly his career.

If the Packers don’t turn things around soon, Rodgers could end up on injured reserve for the rest of the year while Jordan Love takes over.

Of course, if that happens, it becomes a question of whether Rodgers will retire after the season, or even whether he will try to play for another team in 2023. The former is much more likely.

There’s also a chance that Rodgers is determined not to let a subpar 2022 be his last act in the NFL, and that he’ll decide to come back for one last ride.

Anyway, the current ride could end. Rodgers is too smart to do anything by accident. He had a plan to say what he said. And the plan could be that, if the Packers lose to the Eagles and fall to 4-8, he’ll slide into IR for the rest of 2022, with his 2023 status determined at some point later.

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