WA monkeypox spread unlikely according to Prime Minister Mark McGowan as WA COVID cases plummet

Monkeypox vaccines will arrive in Western Australia within days, after the state registered the first case of the disease in a traveler returning from abroad.

About 1,300 doses will be made available over the next week, with distribution concentrated in priority groups.

“Sexual health clinics are the likely place where that will happen,” said Paul Armstrong, WA’s deputy health officer.

Mr. Armstrong said a vaccination priority list is still being developed but will likely target people at higher risk of infection and immunocompromised groups.

“It’s a vaccine that’s very scarce around the world…there’s only a very small amount, so we have to be very sensible in how we prioritize,” he said.

The arms and trunk of a patient with skin lesions
About 60 cases of monkey pox have been diagnosed in Australia so far. (Reuters)

The federal government announced Thursday that it had secured nearly half a million third-generation monkeypox vaccines.

More portions of those vaccines will arrive in WA in September and next year.

‘Low risk’ of getting out of hand

Both experts and authorities say monkeypox is unlikely to get out of hand in WA due to the low risk of transmission.

“In Western Australia, our health advice is that it is very, very low risk,” Prime Minister Mark McGowan said.

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