Three GameFi Projects to Change Gaming

04 July 2022 12:23 PM IS

New Delhi [India]July 4 (ANI/ATK): Play-To-Earn is a fast-growing industry within gaming that allows users to earn cryptocurrency and other digitized assets by playing the game.
Axie Infinity (AXS) is an industry-leading Play-To Earn game by providing users with an interactive, open blockchain game where digital pets known as Axies can be collected.
These pets can be raised, fought and traded and are inspired by the popular Pokemon series and the trading card game. The success of the project can be attributed to many factors, largely the actual concept and design of the game, but the fungibility and interoperability of using blockchain technology cannot be underestimated in its success and will be a reason for continued success in the future.
The incentive users have to train and collect some of the rarest Axies makes the game fun, competitive, but also profitable for users with the rarest Axies selling for over 200 ETH. At the time of writing 200, ETH would be worth over $200,000.
While it’s important to build the community to complement the physical game product itself, it’s important for Play-To-Earn games to be successful because without community hype around the project, there’s no community hype around the project. project will exist, but providing financial incentives gives users an extra reason to keep playing the game.
Axie Infinity (AXS) has shown future projects how successful this model is for both users and game developers/founders and has been a project to change Web3 gaming for the better.
The Yield Farming Strategy Game Takes The Metaverse By Storm
A highly anticipated metaverse project slated for release in 2022 is Star Atlas (ATLAS). Star Atlas is a blockchain based galaxy game in which users own a territory and try to expand it either by developing their colony or by exploring the galaxy and conquering other territories.
The game follows a Play-To-Earn model where users mine to earn in-game currency that can be purchased from upgrades and in-game content. Purchases are made using their proprietary coin ATLAS and users can sell their assets through the Star Atlas NFT marketplace powered by layer-1 unicorn Solana.
The game has a feel that reminds you of the classic game Starcraft, but will use the very latest technology to bring the game to the Web3, the metaverse and GameFi. As such, Star Atlas’ original coin ATLAS has grown in popularity, and while the token is an inflationary asset meaning that tokens will be released into the ecosystem, the coin is quite usable given the hype behind the project and the success that has been seen from games like Axie Infinity.
The Xchange to Consolidate Gaming and DeFi
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As gaming projects entering the metaverse and Web3 continue to grow, there is a disconnect between the in-game assets you earn and a platform that allows you to seamlessly store, trade, and send digital assets.

Xchange Monster (MXCH) wants to bridge the gap between the disconnect and give new game projects access to the world of DeFi. Through the Monster Wallet, users can connect to NFT Marketplaces across the ecosystem and store all their in-game content in one consolidated place.
In addition, users can use their native token MXCH to liquidate their assets and trade them on different platforms (cross-asset trading). For example, users using the Monster Wallet can sell their in-game content on Star Atlas and then convert the currency into AXS to purchase content on Axie Infinity.
Xchange Monster allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies through their exchange and Monster Pay enables secure withdrawals and deposits directly into your bank account and in the Fiat currency of your choice.
The team at Xchange Monster has discovered a gap in the market and developed a platform that gives gamers access to the world of DeFi.
The ability to trade in-game content to other platforms and games gives Xchange Monster an extremely high ceiling. The valuation of the game industry is expected to exceed $330 billion by 2027 and Xchange Monster could be the middleman connecting the ecosystem.
At the time of writing, Xchange Monster (MXCH) is in the first stage of presale before going live on exchanges, so if you’re interested in the protocol and believe in GameFi’s expansion, it’s worth checking out .
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