The Sports Stadiums in The World – Part 1

The finest buildings in the world have for a long time included sports arena. In Roman times the construction of the Circus’s and Coliseums were for the purpose of sporting events. In Greece the ancient Olympic Games were housed in the stadium in Olympia.

Over time different sports have been created and as a result of this new stadiums have been built around the world. Some stadiums are only suitable for one sport, but today’s architects and designers are so talented that they are able to build multi- event stadiums that are capable hosting several different world class events. A stadium does not have to be the largest arena in the world to be one of the best, and this is certainly the case with Lords Cricket Ground which is situated in St John’s Wood in North London. It is the greatest cricket ground in the world and the major reason for this is its history.

The pavilion at Lords

Cricket has been played at the venue since the game first started in 1787. It was always located in the general area but moved three times before settling on its current site in 1813. The capacity is only 28,000 but the ground is designed in such a manner that it has never lost its character.

The main pavilion was constructed in 1889 and its picture is known around the cricketing world. The ground is famous for its long room, its honors boards its nursery gates and its old father time spire. It will not matter how grand a new cricket stadium will be built it will not replace the reputation that Lords has as being the best cricket ground in the world. Less than ten miles away from Lords is Wembley which has a similar reputation to Lords, but this time with the sport of football. The capacity of Wembley is now 90,000 because of the rebuilt of 2007. The stadium has a fine reputation around the world which is based on its history.

Many famous games has been played at the ground with one of the most famous being when England won the World Cup final in 1966. It was also be remembered for the “white horse cup final” in 1923 between West Ham United and Bolton Wanderers. It was the first final to be held at the stadium and a white police horse was pictured trying to control some of the 200,000 spectators that had packed into the ground that day.

The new stadium is a state-of the-art ground and is able to house many different sports including rugby and American football. It has however maintained the felling of tradition and many of the top footballers in the world jump at the chance of playing on the pitch. Another newly built sports stadium that is seen as one of the best is the Principality stadium in Cardiff, Wales. The ground that holds up to 75,000 spectators is primarily the home to the Welsh Rugby Union team. But the ground is also home to a number of different sports.

Wembley stadium

It is the home ground for the nation’s football team, and regularly holds boxing contests, speedway events, and even pop and rock concerts. The ground has a retractable roof so it is able to control climatic conditions in times of extreme weather which helps keep the surface to be the best possible condition.

One of the United Kingdom’s biggest sports day of the year is Derby Day. This is when the best 3 year old horses in the country race over one and a half miles over the Epsom downs for one of the richest prizes in the racing calendar.

The race is run at the Epsom race track and it is one of the finest race tracks in the world. The track has hosted horse races since the race was first run in 1780 and the day is renowned for the quality of the horses and how the crowd who attend the event are dressed. The main grandstand was rebuilt in 2006 and it is one of the finest in world of racing. The Queen has her own personal box in the grandstand and is nearly always present on Derby day.

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