The Most Expensive Areas in the World to Live

The penthouse at the Tour Odeon in Monaco

Every country in the world has its own percentage of rich and wealthy people. Within every society there is a group of people at the top of society that have, by either being successful in business or by inheriting wealth, managed to collect great riches. In the developed countries the numbers of people who are genuinely rich is greater than those people in residing in the developing world. This does not mean to say that there are no rich people in the poorer countries of the world. There are but those people are fewer in number than those in the richer countries. Regardless of the location of people with wealth, they all share the same desire to live in the greatest luxury possible. This of course will vary with their particular tastes, as some people will choose to inhabit smaller premises while for other people smaller premises will suit their tastes but they will of course have the most luxurious facilities. Many rich people choose to live in penthouse suite in the most desirable locations in the world. Penthouse apartments occupy the top floors of flats and they will often cover a number of floors. There are few more desirable, and expensive than the five story penthouse in the Tour Odeon in Monaco. The property covers five floors and is worth an estimated 300 million US dollars. The apartment includes a roof top pool with a slide going from one floor to the next one below. The apartment has every luxury available and possesses outstanding views over Monaco harbour which is some of the most expensive land anywhere in the world to purchase. This land is occupied by the rich and famous.

One of the many million pound properties on the Wentworth Estate

Many other people choose to live in houses and many of these are grouped together in private estates. In fact there are certain towns where the average home costs a very high price. Virginia Water is located less than 10 miles from Heathrow airport in leafy Surrey and the average home costs 1.4 million pounds to buy. The town contains the Wentworth estate which is home to the Ryder Cup gold course. The average price is pushed up by some homes that are as expensive as any property in the country with houses regularly being sold for over 10 million pounds. Many of the roads are private with gated security, and homes have their own pools, gyms, media centres and every luxury possible. However it is wrong to assume that all of the world’s richest properties are either located in Europe or the United States. One of the richest properties in the world is located in Mumbai in India and is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the sixth richest man in the world, with a value of more than a billion dollars. Built over 27 floors it employs 600 staff to run the building on a daily basis and it has every luxury imaginable including 3 helipads, nine high speed lifts and a 50 seat home cinema. It has caused much controversy that such a building has been constructed for one family where there is so much poverty in the rest of the country.

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