The fanciest goggles in gaming

There are a number of video game characters who wear glasses. Some do it for visibility reasons, while others wear sunglasses just to look good. However, the coolest types of glasses in gaming aren’t those designed for vision or looks.

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After all, there are plenty of glasses, sunglasses and goggles that have special properties. Maybe they spawn artificial realities, let you see in the dark, or give you additional information about your surroundings. Whatever they do, the fact that they have a unique element makes them better than standard specs. And the following are the absolute best.


7/7 Star Sunglasses – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Vulnerability

montgomery gator fnaf

In Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, the main character must survive encounters with all kinds of animatronic creatures. To do that, he must use everything he can. Two main devices he has are the Fazerblaster and Faz Camera. It can stun most enemies, but not all.

The large animatronic alligator known as Monty has a great defense against those items in the form of stylish star-shaped sunglasses. There is actually nothing special about the shades themselves, but their ability to reflect light is very useful for the opponent.

6/7 Michael’s Spy Glasses – Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshot of Michael wearing glasses as he cloaks a jewelry store

Throughout the GTA 5 single player campaign, the protagonists plan many exciting heists. In the first, they target a jewelry store, which Michael and Lester visit beforehand. While sheathing the joint, Michael puts on some nice spy glasses.

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The goggles contain a hidden camera and radio. This allows Michael to take pictures of key areas of the store and hear what Lester is saying. Of course, this is a useful piece of tech if you’re secretly planning heists, especially since they just look like a normal pair of specs. It’s the kind of thing you expect James Bond to wear.

5/7 Digivice – Digimon Story: Cyber ​​sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth Screenshot of the main character selection screen

In all Digimon media, the heroes of the stories wear Digivices. These are devices that do all sorts of different things, from storing data to performing analytics. The device comes in all different shapes and sizes. There have been many different ones over the years.

In Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth, the device comes in the form of goggles – or at least the protagonist’s version. These beautiful shades allow the hero to text, call and store data about his Digimon. As a bonus, they are also a feast for the eyes.

4/7 Tints with Duke Vision – Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshot of Duke smoking a cigar

Cute sunglasses have been the main feature of Duke Nukem’s look for years. However, in most entries in the series, they were just a visual treat and served no practical purpose. That is different in the much maligned Duke Nukem Forever.

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It may be the worst game in the series’ history, but it features the best version of Duke’s signature shades. This is because they include a night vision feature, which Duke can turn on at any time, allowing him to see better in the dark. They are better than traditional night vision goggles because they are lighter and more fashionable.

3/7 Anu’s Tech Goggles – New stories from the frontier

New stories from the Borderlands Screenshot of Anu with her tech glasses

Anu from New Tales From The Borderlands is an extremely intelligent person and a great scientist. As such, she is capable of all kinds of beautiful inventions. Much of the game’s story revolves around her healing device. But you shouldn’t overlook the importance of her Tech Goggles.

During the game, she uses these things to scan a whole bunch of items. This will give her additional information about what she is scanning. This helps her and the crew solve many puzzles during their adventure. Moreover, they also look very chic.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Promo Shot of two soldiers aiming guns

In the Ghost Recon series, the protagonists are usually equipped with a Cross-Com device. The advanced piece of technology covers the eyes of the characters and resembles blue glasses.

During the Future Soldier, the heroes gain access to the Cross-Com 3.0 version. This serves as your HUD, giving you valuable bits of information such as the location of the current target, how much ammo is left in your current weapon, and how many grenades you’re holding. In addition, with Cross-Com 3.0, when you scan enemies, you can see them through walls. It gives the soldiers an edge during missions.

1/7 ARI – Heavy rainfall

Heavy rain with Ari goggles

There are several games like Heavy Rain, but none of them have glasses like the ARI glasses that Norman Jayden uses throughout the story. Since Jayden is a member of the FBI, he uses the experimental sunglasses – and the associated glove – for investigations.

They allow him to find, scan and analyze clues while in the field. In fact, they are so high-tech that they can even recognize odors in the air. Outside the crime scene, they can create artificial realities where Jayden can get a close look at important files and information. They are also capable of providing entertainment with small AR games. So the glasses are incredibly advanced.

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