The famous hotels of the world

A city is home to wide variety of land use and the more demand there is for land the more expensive it becomes. This results in the area of the city known as the Central Business District having the highest land rents in the urbanized area.

As well as people wanting to live in the city centre, both industry and offices have wanted their place as they are close to the business areas of the city. The city centre is usually the oldest part of the city with the most interesting architecture and this has resulted in many tourists being attracted to this area. They are also attracted to the city centres as there are many art galleries, museums, restaurants and transport networks will often have their main stations in these regions. This has resulted in hotels wanting to locate in the heart of the cities, and as well as providing rooms for tourists there are businessmen who are always looking spend time in the city as a result of work related visits.

The Ritz in Piccadilly

Many of the hotels in the cities have been built on the most expensive land. This is reflected by many of the hotels that are found in this region. They are the most luxurious and expensive hotels available. However, they are not short of customers as people visiting the city are expecting a first class experience and are willing to pay the highest rate to get that experience.

The Ritz has been one of London’s premier hotels since it was first opened in May 1906. It is located in a grade II listed building in Piccadilly. It offers its customers the highest levels of service and luxury, with top class restaurant and dining facilities, including six private dining rooms. In the basement is the Ritz casino with the opportunity to play a number of games. However, the hotel is best known for its Palm Court where guests are served daily “Tea at the Ritz”. Even non-residents can purchase a cream tea as long as they are prepared to pay the 57 UK pounds and dress accordingly.

The Waldorf Astoria in New York was once the tallest building in New York and the tallest hotel in the world. It no longer holds on rather of these titles but is regarded as one of the finest hotels in the United States. It was famous for its parties and galas that were often held for the political parties and major business organisations.

The vast Waldorf Astoria Hotel

It was the first hotel to offer 24 hour room service and some of the most important guests were able to use the secret train station found underneath the hotel. Frank Sinatra liked the hotel so much that he kept a suite from 1979 until 1988, and there are 200 suites in the hotel with many named after the guests who have stayed in them. In total there are over 1400 rooms in the hotel. There are three restaurants in the hotel. The most famous room is the presidential suite that is filled with Georgian furniture to replicate the white house. On retirement from office the ex-president George Hoover stayed in the suite for 30 years.

Raffles Hotel in Singapore is built in a colonial style and was opened for business in 1887. When it was first introduced it only had 10 rooms available but now guests can stay in any one of the 103 rooms. It has constantly been expanded and refurbished.

However it has always had the highest reputation for it luxury and survive. There was even at one time a hotel museum on the premises. One of the hotels most popular features is long bar where people for years have enjoyed their exotic cocktails.

There are many top hotel chains that have large buildings in all of the major cities. The Marriot, The Dorchester and The Hilton are all groups that have located their luxury hotels in some of the world’s richest cities.