The Echoes of Historically Haunted Buildings

A tribute to an enchanting history remains in the echoes of some of the world’s oldest buildings. Antiquated times were filled with names and faces who lived their lives in that era. In lieu of hailing a city cab or preheating the oven, many of these buildings were present during simpler times. In their era, the grandeur and beauty of their construction was a marvel of the period, a grandstand in the midst of a median lifestyle. They have withstood the test of time with a triumph of tales of all it has seen, heard and experienced. It is not typical nor is it unusual to hear of these buildings having a lingering memory or energy that lives on through the halls.

Whether the remaining residents stay is rendered due to trauma or nostalgia. If you have a penchant for historical events and love the potential the participating paranormal, you will have to make a trip to these three haunting yet breathtaking sites.

Chateau de Brissac, Brissac Quince, France

Journeying back to the year 1502, you will see the extravagant Chateau de Brissac. The tallest castle in France was purchased by a gentleman named Rene de Cosse. The castle continues tradition as it is still owned by the same family that began so long ago. Three hundred years before the Cosse legacy made the chateau their home, Charlotte de Breze was murdered by her husband. She was the illegitimate daughter of King Charles Vll. Today she is referenced as The Green Lady for her appearances in a green dress to modern day visitors of the castle.

The Langham Hotel, London

For over one hundred and fifty years, the hotel has been intrigued by a distinguished prominence of travelers. With several guests and stories of their own, it is no wonder the hotel is renowned for the lengthy guest list that never checked out. Appearances and the reported accounts of many incidents has made the Langham hotel one of the most haunted stops on any tour. Aside from the shuddering occurrences, the building is lavishly pristine with expert architecture and an unequivocal design. Most tourists enjoy their stay while others who encounter the past take their leave in the night.

Tower of London, U.K.

With a past that includes the execution of Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard, it is not surprising the history has kept its presence known through the present day. From Kings and the Court to Queens and imprisoned soldiers, the Tower has much to tell. The beauty of the building is a proud tribute to history with a lengthy list of haunting tales that ring true within the corridors. Built in 1066, The Tower has been a fortress to many stories, families and individuals. Visitors have shared their sightings with enthusiasm as a witness of a life that existed centuries ago.

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