The Block’s Sarah-Jane reveals she had a double mastectomy after discovering she has a breast cancer gene

F a favourite Block star Sarah-Jane has revealed she is recovering well after undergoing a double mastectomy.

The 2022 contestant talked about the procedure in a series of stories on her Instagram page @sarahjane91_.

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“I had a double mastectomy on Thursday because I’m a BRCA1 gene carrier, so I have the BRCA1 gene mutation. It means I have a pretty high rate, like an 85 percent chance of developing breast cancer,” she said in the video, which you can see above.

“My mom first got breast cancer when she was 36, so I have a high chance of getting it while I’m still quite young.”

The Block Tom and Sarah-Jane
Sarah-Jane informed her followers after she underwent a preventive mastectomy. (Instagram/@sarahjane91_)

Sarah-Jane is now home from hospital where she will rest for a few weeks. She plans to share more of her story at a later date.

In the Instagram update, Sarah-Jane also told her followers that she “feels really good about my decision,” which has been a long time coming.

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The 30-year-old has been waiting for the surgery for more than five years and found out the day before that it went ahead The block 2022 auctions.

Sarah-Jane later shared more details about the procedure in another update on her Instagram page.

“It’s day five since my double mastectomy…I had all my breast tissue removed and then I got implants right away…I have some bruising, but honestly I’m doing pretty well.”

The Block Tom and Sarah-Jane
Sarah-Jane told her followers that she is recovering well after the surgery. (Instagram/@sarahjane91_)

The surgery comes just two weeks after the dramatic Block Auctions of 2022, where Tom and Sarah-Jane’s home sold for $4,100,000.99.

This award meant that the pair only walked away with $20,000.99 in profits from their time on the show. However, they outperformed Dylan and Jenny whose house was not sold that day and is still on the market.

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After the auctions, Tom and Sarah-Jane revealed they plan to sell the Ford Ranger they won at the show to close out Landscaping Week.

“Unfortunately for Tom, we will be selling the Ford and will be walking away with $100,000 so no complaints from us,” they posted on Instagram.

“Even if we walked away with nothing, we had the experience of a lifetime and something to tell our grandchildren about! We’re disappointed, but nothing is ever guaranteed and at this point I think we’ll be completely over it on Tuesday. is bigger problems in the world. Love to you all.”

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