The biggest gaming news of the week: August 5, 2022

We continue to race through 2022 as if time does not exist. Seriously, can you believe there are less than five months left until Christmas? Scary thought, that. Let’s forget about it and focus on video games before I spontaneously burn out with stress.

The gaming industry was a tad less silly than last week. There were interesting announcements from Play station, Revoltand Dead in daylight developer Behavior Interactive. However, none of them could withstand the hype that was pokemon gifts. It is a pity Scarlet and Violet‘s legends are kind of ‘bla’ general.

As a reminder, there has been a fine selection of free offers in the past few days courtesy of Epic, Xboxand Ubisoft. Some of these are limited-time deals, so don’t wait much longer!

Now that we’re through the fluff, it’s time to think about this week’s biggest stories.

The Russo brothers, best known for directing Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgameto believe The last of us part 2 is an all timer. It’s quite a lot of praise, especially for such a divisive title. They even claimed aspects of it? were very Spielberg-esque, especially how Naughty Dog handles framing in some scenes. While many might disagree with that idea, it’s still fun to see Hollywood folks analyzing video games like this.

We all love crazy community-made tweaks, right? Maybe the state of Buckeye doesn’t – ever since someone turned around? every dragon inside Skyrim to Ohio. As in the literal geographic landmass that is now able to flee and breathe fire! We’ll never know how anyone came up with this, but that’s probably for the best.

So from all the cute new Pokémon coming in Scarlet and Violetno one has won hearts like Fidough – a puppy made entirely from uncooked dough. Fans love this pure bread dog. Yes, I’m using that joke a second time! In all seriousness, there probably hasn’t been a Pokémon reveal in ages that has generated so much enthusiasm. Maybe it’s just because everyone likes sweets, dogs, and carbs.

Well this was an oops. Looks like Infinity Ward is letting the Los Angeles Rams try Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 early, and kicker Cameron Dicker decided to share photos of the lobby system, weapons, modes and more on Instagram. These were all removed pretty quickly, but not before people caught them. It was undoubtedly an honest mistake!

A few weeks ago, Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White impose a premium. The goal was to give someone a Legendary All Skulls On (LASO) playthrough of Halo 2 Anniversary without game overs. It’s something no one has done in the 18 years since halo 2 came out, until now. speed runner Jervalin managed to do it and now has an extra $20,000 in the bank. What a legend.

Tencent Holdings reportedly wants to become Ubisoft’s main shareholder. Significantly more than the 5 percent who already have it. Allegedly, Tencent offers 100 euros ($102.47 USD) per share, which is almost twice as much as the current 66 euros per share. There is no guarantee that all this will happen, but it will be an interesting development if it does.

That’s it for this week. Until next time, folks!

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

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