The biggest gaming news for July 3, 2022

Destiny goes mobile, someone gets an ultra-rare Magic: The Gathering card, and maybe another Donkey Kong is on the horizon.

Normally I would joke about how bad Sundays are because they fall right before Monday, but this time I can’t because Monday is basically Independence Day. Correct. Another day off. In any case, you’ve probably been partying, so just in case you’ve fallen behind in what’s going on in the gaming world, I’ve got this news feed for you. Today we found out that Bungie may be working on a mobile version of Destiny, that someone may have gotten an unreleased Magic: The Gathering card, and that Nintendo may have another Donkey Kong in the works. There’s more where this came from, so read on for the rest.


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Six Dutch political parties support the ban on loot boxes

Several political parties in the Netherlands have apparently joined forces to take down loot boxes. This comes in the context of wider pressure in Europe to prevent companies from selling them. “In video games, children are manipulated into buying microtransactions,” reads the alliance’s proposal to ban loot boxes. “Loot boxes are a form of gambling. These transactions are addictive and can hit families with unexpected bills for these transactions with disruptive consequences.” The motion further describes how “consumer associations from eighteen European countries are jointly advocating for regulation of these loot boxes.” The field is getting thicker.

Games Done Quick raises another $3 million for Doctors Without Borders

Games Done Quick has become famous for having managed to raise huge amounts of money for charities around the world. This time, MSF was the main beneficiary, raising over $3 million. The figure was reached immediately prior to an Elden Ring run and the entire crowd apparently started cheering once the milestone was reached. The record for the most money raised currently stands at $3,442,033.

Bungie is reportedly working on a Destiny Mobile FPS

The developer behind Destiny and its more popular Destiny 2 sequel, Bungie, is apparently working on a Destiny mobile game in partnership with NetEase. This amounts to nothing more than a rumor at this point, but if things really do come true, it would be not only the first time Bungie has made a mobile game, but the first time anything substantial related to Destiny has ever been released. the very last moment has appeared. small screen. Destiny on the go is definitely something to look forward to in the future.

Magic: The Gathering Artist Receives Unannounced Card In Secret Lair Box

Someone named Ben Schnuck just became the only person in the world with a certain Magic: The Gathering card, Horned Sliver. “Okay, everyone. I received my secret hideout along with my proofs and in one I opened I found this to be the secret map,” Schnuck announced. “I have confirmation from Scryfall that this has not been announced. As far as I know I’m the only one with a copy. As a big Sliver fan, these are bananas.” Schnuck was previously hired by Wizards of the Coast to work as an artist on Magic: The Gathering.

Nintendo Files Brand New Donkey Kong Trademark

Nintendo just filed a new trademark for Donkey Kong. No, this is not just a defense of copyright. The company seems to have something else in store. According to the game industry watcher named KRoolKountry, “Nintendo has updated the trademark for Donkey Kong. Rather than a routine extension of an existing trademark, this is a new trademark with updated verbiage specific to video games, including downloadable programs for portable and electronic consoles.” It looks like another new entry in the franchise may be on the horizon.

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