Supporters of Iran’s government confront protesters at the World Cup

AL RAYYAN, Qatar (AP) — Tensions ran high during Iran’s second World Cup match on Friday when fans supporting the Iranian government harassed those protesting it and stadium security seized flags, T-shirts and other items showing their support for the protest movement gripping the Islamic Republic. Some fans were stopped by security guards from taking … Read more

Bombed, not defeated: Ukraine’s capital goes into survival mode

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Residents of Ukraine’s bombed-out capital grabbed empty bottles in search of water and crowded into cafes for power and heat on Thursday. into the dark. In scenes that are hard to believe in a sophisticated city of 3 million, some Kiev residents resorted to collecting rainwater from downspouts while repair crews … Read more

Scientists discover new coronaviruses in bats that can jump to humans

This is important because it demonstrates the potential for existing viruses to exchange bits of their genetic code – a process known as recombination – to form new pathogens. “The main take-home message is that individual bats can harbor a plethora of different virus species and occasionally be their hosts at the same time,” said … Read more

Malaysia’s new Prime Minister Anwar vows to heal the divided nation and economy

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Reformist leader Anwar Ibrahim, longtime prime minister, was sworn in as Malaysia’s prime minister on Thursday. His rise to the top was a victory for political reformers who spent days battling Malaysian nationalists after a divisive general election on Saturday left a hung parliament.. Anwar took his oath of office … Read more

Son’s happy mother Sarah Sands fatally stabbed their pedophile abuser Michael Pleasted

The sons of a mother who stabbed their abuser to death have spoken out for the first time to defend the murder. Sarah Sands, 39, stabbed pedophile Michael Pleasted eight times in a “determined and sustained assault” while on bail for sexually assaulting her children. She was jailed for seven and a half years for … Read more

Gone in 9 minutes: how the Celtic gold heist unfolded in Germany

BERLIN (AP) — Thieves who broke into a southern German museum and stole hundreds of old gold coins came in and out within nine minutes without raising the alarm, officials said Wednesday, a further sign that the robbery was the work of organized criminals. Police have launched an international hunt for the thieves and their … Read more

Workers protest, beaten at virus-stricken Chinese iPhone factory

BEIJING (AP) — Workers at the world’s largest Apple iPhone factory were beaten and detained during pay protests amid antivirus checks, according to witnesses and videos posted to social media Wednesday, as tensions rise over China’s efforts to reinstate a renewed to fight an increase in infections. Videos said they were filmed at the factory … Read more

Kim’s sister warns US of ‘a more fatal security crisis’

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s influential sister warned the United States on Tuesday that it would face “a more fatal security crisis” as Washington pushes for UN condemnation of the recent North intercontinental ballistic missile test. Kim Yo Jong’s warning came hours after US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield told an emergency … Read more

Evacuation of newly liberated Kherson begins as Ukraine-Russia artillery duel intensifies

Kiev accused Moscow of operating a network of at least four torture sites in the city. “Together with police officers and experts, (prosecutors) carried out inspections in four premises where the occupiers illegally detained and brutally tortured people during the capture of the city,” the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine said in a statement. Russian forces … Read more

Ukraine ‘could reach Crimea by Christmas’

The Russian occupier in southern Ukraine’s Melitopol is paying civilians to donate blood for wounded Russian soldiers, the city’s ousted Ukrainian mayor said. Ivan Fedorov said the Russian occupier dropped an earlier ploy of pretending the blood was for women giving birth or cancer patients, and instead openly paid 736 rubles (£10.17) for blood. “The … Read more