Iran captain Ehsan Hajsafi speaks out, Ecuador beats Qatar in opening game, fans, bribery, corruption, beer banned in stadiums

Iran captain Ehsan Hajsafi became the first player from his national team to speak out in support of the ongoing anti-government protests amid horrific scenes in the Arab nation. There have been more than two months of protests in Iran after a 22-year-old woman died while in the custody of the country’s vice police, with … Read more

Russia launches missiles at Ukraine as the first snow falls

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian airstrikes targeted Ukraine’s energy facilities again Thursday as the first snow of the season fell in Kiev, a harbinger of the hardships to come as Moscow’s missiles continue to knock out power and gas plants as winter sets in. Separately, the United Nations has announced the extension of a deal … Read more

War in Ukraine: horror sign Putin only starts bombing Kiev

Despite the chaos and devastation Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has caused over the past nine months, there are grim signs that the worst of the operation is yet to come. As winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, Russia is executing a devastating strategy to attack Ukraine’s energy facilities through a series of mass strikes … Read more

The world’s population will reach 8 billion, says the UN, as growth brings more challenges to the planet

CNN — The world’s population will reach 8 billion people on Tuesday, marking a “milestone in human development” before birth rates begin to fall, according to a United Nations projection. In a statement, the UN said the figure meant 1 billion people had been added to the world’s population in just 12 years. “This unprecedented … Read more

N. Korea denies US sent artillery shells to Russia

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea has denied US claims that it is sending artillery shells and ammunition to Russia for use in its war against Ukraine, accusing the United States of lying on Tuesday. The denial follows dozens of weapons tests by North Korea, including short-range missiles that are likely to be nuclear and … Read more

COP27 starts with a call to rich countries to pay

At the COP27 summit, delegates from nearly 200 countries will gather in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt’s Red Sea resort, to discuss tackling the climate crisis. Sean Gallup | Getty Images News | Getty Images SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — Top officials kicked off work at the UN’s flagship climate conference by urging rich countries to finally mend … Read more

COP27 climate summit: this is what to watch

CNN — As world leaders gather in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for the annual UN climate summit, researchers, advocates and the United Nations itself warn that the world is still off track on its goal of halting global warming and the worst effects of the climate crisis. Over the next two weeks, negotiators from nearly 200 … Read more

While Vladimir Putin calls on Russians in Kherson to evacuate, former president Dmitry Medvedev depicts the conflict with Ukraine as an attempt to banish Satan

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has labeled Russia’s war in Ukraine as a holy conflict with Satan and said Moscow could send all its enemies into the eternal fire of Gehenna. Most important points: Former President Dimitry Medvedev’s rhetoric has become increasingly fierce since the start of the war Vladimir Putin says civilians in Kherson … Read more

UK likely to experience longest recession since records began – Bank of England

The United Kingdom, the world’s fifth largest economy, is likely already in recession, and it could be the longest the country has seen since records began. The UK economy may not grow again until 2024. Such was the bleak economic outlook from the country’s central bank, which raised interest rates by three-quarters of a basis … Read more

Russia blocks Ukraine’s grain exports after reports of drone strikes near Crimea. This puts pressure on the global food crisis

Dozens of countries teetered on the brink of famine as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. That was until a ceasefire agreement in July seemed to ease the pressure of billions of people. However, over the weekend, Russia canceled the deal in a move described as “blackmailing the world with hunger”. … Read more