Dagestan: Protests erupt in Russian region over Putin’s mobilization orders

CNN — Violent protests have erupted in some regions of ethnic minorities in Russia against Vladimir Putin’s mobilization order, with activist groups and Ukrainian officials saying these minorities have been disproportionately targeted for conscription in the war. Several videos posted to social media and located by CNN in the predominantly Muslim region of Dagestan show … Read more

Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Russian army ‘cannot fight’ as Kremlin plans troop mobilization

As thousands of Russians try to flee the country in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s mobilization of new troops, European countries are divided over whether or not to welcome those fleeing conscription. Most important points: The Kremlin plans to add about 300,000 additional troops to its invasion force in Ukraine European countries are divided on … Read more

Polish venue cancels Roger Waters concerts out of anger over comments in Ukraine

Planned concerts in Poland by Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters have been canceled after his comments about the war in Ukraine sparked a storm of criticism. Most important points: Roger Waters said “extreme nationalists” had put Ukraine on the path to war with Russia He also lashed out at a city councilor over a vote … Read more

Police open fire during protests against Putin’s conscription in Russia’s Dagestan

Police have clashed with protesters in southern Russia’s Dagestan region, underlining dissatisfaction with President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send hundreds of thousands of men to fight in Ukraine. Most important points: Dagestan governor says “mistakes were made” in conscription rollout BBC says 301 Dagestan soldiers have been killed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Video shows … Read more

Pink Floyd: Roger Waters’ shows in Poland cancelled

CNN — British rock legend and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters’ planned concerts in Poland in April have been canceled due to a reaction to the musician’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Live Nation Poland, the concert’s promoter, confirmed the cancellation on Saturday, but gave no reason. The cancellation comes after Waters, 79, published … Read more

Winter conditions hamper war effort in Ukraine as Russia pushes forward with mobilization

The onset of autumn weather, with rains making the fields too muddy for tanks, is beginning to cloud Ukraine’s efforts to reclaim more Russian territory before winter freezes over the battlefields, a Washington-based think tank says. Most important points: Ukrainian and Russian military planners must prepare for the approach of winter, which is expected to … Read more

Pink Floyd founder cancels concerts in Poland after war remarks

Warsaw, Poland — Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has canceled planned concerts in Poland amid outrage over his stance on Russia’s war against Ukraine, Polish media reported on Saturday. An official at the Tauron Arena in Krakow, where Waters was due to give two concerts in April, said they would no longer take place. “The … Read more

Russian torture chambers uncovered in the Ukrainian city of Balakliya

BALAKLIYA, Eastern Ukraine – ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’ begins the words of the Lord’s Prayer, scratched into the side of a wall in a police station converted into a torture chamber in the recently liberated city of Balakliya. The floors of the cells are still stained with blood and the stench of human … Read more

Putin’s terrible, terrible, not-good, very bad week looks even worse through a Chinese lens

Vladimir Putin just had a terrible, terrible, not good, very bad week. And it wasn’t just about losing in Ukraine or announcing conscription at home. A series of meetings — and what was and was not said — revealed how much Russian influence is weakening even in its once-spheres of influence, and how China is … Read more

Russia targets infrastructure to slow Ukraine’s advance as Kremlin-hosted votes continue

Russian forces have launched new attacks on Ukrainian cities as Kremlin-orchestrated votes continued in the occupied regions of Ukraine to pave the way for their annexation by Moscow. Most important points: Moscow targets infrastructure facilities in Ukraine as it tries to slow its opponent’s advance In an attack on the sluice gates of a dam, … Read more