India’s Russian coal imports stagnate

As Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine falters against a counteroffensive, fossil fuel revenues could take another hit as imports of Russian thermal coal into India appear to fall for the first time in four months. Quoted in a note to customers by ReutersCoalmint now says it expects India’s imports of Russian thermal coal to fall … Read more

Ukrainian war forces force visually impaired Kharkov residents to stay indoors for fear it is too dangerous to go outside

Viktor Solovyanenko has gone out as little as possible since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for fear of stepping on unexploded ordnance or sharp objects. He is part of a small community of visually impaired people in the eastern city of Kharkov who can hear the war but cannot see the damage done by nearly six … Read more

Russia accused of ‘cynical’ killing of civilians in Kharkiv, new nuclear power plant fears, more grain ships depart from Black Sea ports

A Russian shelling in a residential area in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv has left six people dead and another 16 injured, according to the regional governor. Most important points: Volodymyr Zelenskyy said there was “no justification” for the attack in Kharkiv Ukraine continues to express concerns over shelling around Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant More … Read more

Wagner Group base reportedly hit by missile strike in Ukraine, more warnings of shelling near Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

Ukraine says it attacked a base used by mercenaries from the private Russian military company Wagner Group. Most important points: Ukraine attacked Wagner Group base in Russian-occupied Popasna Wagner Group Mercenaries Work With Russian Forces Around The World A Ukrainian official says the number of causalities is not yet known Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to … Read more

Germany introduces winter gas tax amid warnings of impact | News | DW

The winter gas surcharge, which will take effect in October for German households and companies, was set on Monday at 2.4 euro cents per kilowatt hour. Gas prices have been pushed up not least by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, raising market concerns about energy security and, in some cases, supply shortages. So far, consumers … Read more

Russian prisoners reportedly being recruited to fight in the war in Ukraine

Prisoners in Russia are reportedly being offered amnesty in exchange for their fighting in the war in Ukraine as the country struggles to recruit troops. Most important points: Russia recruits prisoners and advertises on billboards to urge men to join army Hundreds of Russian soldiers reportedly refuse to fight and try to stop Last month, … Read more

Canada disrupts attempt to export banned materials to Russia

Canada has disrupted an attempt to send material to Russia in violation of sanctions imposed after its invasion of Ukraine, an official said Tuesday. Border agents in Montreal seized the shipment, which is described as “dual-use goods” that are banned from export to Russia under Canada’s sanctions regime. The shipment was one of more than … Read more

Amid concerns over Russian gas shutdown, Germany debates shutting down nuclear power plants – National

Growing concerns about the impact of a potential Russian gas shutdown are fueling debate in Germany over whether the country should shut down its last three nuclear power plants as planned by the end of this year. The door to some sort of expansion seemed to be ajar after the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced … Read more

EU ministers sign voluntary gas austerity measures

European Union energy ministers agreed to a watered-down version of a Commission proposal to cut gas consumption across the bloc by 15 percent, starting in August and ending in March. Some EU member states could receive a lower rate of consumption cuts as they prepare for lower Russian gas flows, Reuters reported. The agreement comes … Read more

CIA estimates that about 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war in Ukraine

According to the United States, about 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed in the war in Ukraine and another 45,000 were wounded. Most important points: Military deaths are classified as a state secret in Russia and no regular updates have been provided Last month, the Kiev government said 100 to 200 Ukrainian troops were killed every … Read more