The ridiculous price hike of this basic household item shows how bad inflation is in Canada

While house prices in Toronto remain completely unaffordable despite an apparent lull in the market and rents continue to jump to new heights, residents are also facing rising costs of living in every other aspect as inflation wreaks havoc on all of our wallets. Most Canadians have been unable to keep up with increased prices … Read more

Anne Heche, star with a hard life, dies of crash injuries

The Associated Press Published Sunday, August 14, 2022 10:59 PM EDT Last updated on Sunday, August 14, 2022 11:18 PM EDT LOS ANGELES (AP) — Anne Heche, the Emmy-winning film and television actor whose dramatic Hollywood rise in the 1990s and completed career contrasted with personal … Read more

Author Salman Rushdie on ventilator after stabbing in New York

Joshua Goodman, The Associated Press Published Saturday, August 13, 2022 6:55AM EDT Last updated on Saturday, August 13, 2022 6:55 AM EDT CHAUTAUQUA, NY (AP) — Salman Rushdie, whose 1980s novel “The Satanic Verses” received death threats from Iran’s leader, was stabbed in the neck and … Read more

Teenage Head continues concerts after murder of guitarist Gord Lewis

Canadian punk rock band Teenage Head have said they will continue their upcoming shows after the murder of founder and guitarist Gord Lewis. In a social media post Friday, the bandits said the decision was a difficult one, but they believed fulfilling the commitment would “honor their fallen brother and start the healing process”. “Gordie … Read more

COVID-19 vaccine side effects less likely in pregnant people, study says

Pregnant people experienced fewer side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine than their counterparts who were not pregnant, a new Canadian study suggests. The Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network collected data from 191,360 vaccinated women, ages 15 to 49, between December 2020 and November 2021. The researchers asked participants to report “major health events” severe enough … Read more

FBI director denounces threats against agents after Trump’s house search

Margery A. Beck, The Associated Press Published Wednesday, August 10, 2022 5:59 PM EDT OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – The FBI director on Wednesday spoke out harshly against supporters of former President Donald Trump who have used violent rhetoric in the wake of his agency’s search for Trump’s … Read more

Personal bankruptcies are on the rise

At the same time, the cost of living is increasing, as is the number of Canadian consumers filing for bankruptcy. Data released by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada shows that the number of Canadians filing for personal bankruptcy may return to pre-pandemic levels. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, government subsidies … Read more

John Derringer leaves Q107 amid investigation

John Derringer, a longtime radio host, leaves his position as host of Q107’s ‘Derringer in the Morning’ after 22 years as part of an investigation into verbal abuse and gender discrimination in the workplace. Q107, a rock station in Toronto owned by Corus Entertainment, made the announcement Tuesday in a statement shared on their Twitter … Read more

Gabby Petito’s family records claim police abandoned her

Brady McCombs and Sam Metz, The Associated Press Published Monday, August 8, 2022 7:54 PM EDT SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Gabby I askThe Utah family on Monday notified officials in Utah of plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit after police failed to recognize their daughter … Read more

Toronto Public Health finds West Nile virus in five mosquito pools

A number of mosquitoes in Toronto have tested positive for West Nile virus, the city’s health service has confirmed. In a press release published Monday, Toronto Public Health (TPH) said five pools of infected mosquitoes from Etobicoke, North York and western Toronto are some of the first to test positive for the virus this year. … Read more