Middle earners are under further pressure as Hunt plans ‘social tariffs’ for energy

Middle-class workers will already bear the brunt of Mr. Hunt’s tax hikes in the fall statement. The Chancellor’s decision to protect retirees and benefit recipients while taxing workers and businesses is expected to push the tax burden to an all-time high and increase the size of the state to proportions not seen since the 1970s, … Read more

This is not sound money. It’s socialism

There’s a new word doing the rounds to describe the Tories following Jeremy Hunt’s £55bn tax and spending autumn statement and it’s not very pleasant to read. ‘Consocialists’ was a term first coined by Reform leader Richard Tice to encapsulate the left-wing movement of the once Thatcherian party, but following Thursday’s unprecedented tax grab, it … Read more

Whitehall rubbish is costing taxpayers £14bn in money wasted on luxury party villa and vegan ice cream

The government has squandered £14bn of taxpayers’ money, a study has found, which shows it squandered money on a luxury villa and vegan ice cream. An analysis of financial disclosures since the beginning of last year found enough Whitehall waste to cover a year’s court, prison and probation budgets, or to fund more than half … Read more

There is no point in starting a business in high tax UK

When Napoleon called us a nation of shopkeepers, following the French revolutionary Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac, he would have meant it as an insult. “Then let Pitt boast of his victory for his nation of shopkeepers,” de Vieuzac declared in an address to the National Convention on June 11, 1794, seemingly echoing the economist Adam … Read more

Rishi Sunak Tossed Over $900 Shoes As Nation Weathers Economic Storm

As the UK heads into a protracted economic crisis – with interest rates rising and skyrocketing inflation – the country’s leader has clocked in at wearing designer shoes worth nearly $900. Social media critics have dismissed new British Prime Minister Rishi Suank – who has an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion with his wife … Read more

Liz Truss Faces Calls To Quit As Jeremy Hunt Announces Economic Plan

Liz Truss is holding onto her job as UK Prime Minister tonight after being forced to scrap almost her entire package of tax cuts. The embattled prime minister dropped in on a new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, on Friday, and he made a statement on Monday explaining that all her proposed measures – which led to … Read more

The dream of low tax, pro-business Britain has been dead for a generation

For a few days, it looked like the UK might have an opportunity to put its economy back on a new and dynamic path, with higher growth and rising living standards. Corporate tax would be lower than any major competitor. Personal taxes would take up less and less of the median household income. Entrepreneurs would … Read more

Families to get help with health care costs as Liz Truss weighs big tax cuts

Parents who step back from work to care for older loved ones or children will get a new tax break under a change expected to be unveiled by Liz Truss before Christmas. The move is just one of six major tax cuts the prime minister is considering to kick-start the economy and avoid the recession … Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng must remove inheritance tax to show that he means it

And it doesn’t look like it will end there. We have already heard that the ceiling on banker bonuses imposed by the European Union will be lifted. And that also applies to the sugar tax. It will be a battle axe, take the ax to a whole series of tax increases. There’s nothing wrong with … Read more

A catastrophic energy crisis will spark a revolt against our failed elites

This is the summer before the storm. Make no mistake, with energy prices set to soar to unprecedented heights, we are approaching one of the largest geopolitical earthquakes in decades. The ensuing convulsions are likely to be of a much larger magnitude than those following the 2008 financial crash, which sparked protests that culminated in … Read more