US-Asia semiconductor alliances could hold back China

Leading chip-producing countries, including the US, are forming alliances, in part to secure their semiconductor supply chains and to prevent China from reaching the forefront of the industry, analysts told CNBC. Places such as the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which have strong semiconductor industries, have sought to forge partnerships around the critical … Read more

Biden declares the pandemic over. People behave like this too

CNN — President Joe Biden made several unequivocal and controversial statements in an interview with “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday. Amongst them: There was some ambiguity about a number of other topics. His plan is to be re-elected in 2024, but no final decision has been made yet. About the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago, … Read more

Taiwan’s greatest vulnerability is its energy supply – the diplomat

Advertisement Taiwan’s struggle against China’s attempts to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait would lead to the biggest threat Taiwan currently faces is that China will attempt to forcibly unite the island with the mainland. As worrisome as this possibility is, the most fundamental threat Taiwan faces is to its economy and its … Read more

Taiwan tycoon donates $47 million to train 3 million ‘civil warriors’ to defend against Chinese invasion

A colorful Taiwanese magnate has revealed plans to train more than 3 million “civilian warriors” to help defend the island in the event of a Chinese invasion, by donating TW$1 billion (more than $47 million) of his own money. Most important points: Robert Tsao is one of Taiwan’s most successful businessmen China claims Tawan as … Read more

US restricts chip sales to China, Russia, Nvidia says

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia announced in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Wednesday that the US government is restricting sales to China “with immediate effect.” Send the news: The US government has imposed a new licensing requirement “for any future exports to China (including Hong Kong) and Russia” to “address the risk that the covered … Read more

Taiwan fires at Chinese drone after president warns of ‘strong countermeasures’

Taiwan fired warning shots at a Chinese drone buzzing on an offshore island on Tuesday, shortly after President Tsai Ing-wen said she ordered the Taiwanese military to take “vigorous countermeasures” against what she called Chinese provocations. Most important points: The drone returned to China after the shots were fired Taiwan has complained about Chinese drones … Read more

High Australian coal prices, iron ore depend on China’s construction sector, unemployment

According to the latest trade data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australia is currently experiencing the largest trade surplus in the country’s history. This means that now more than ever, we are enjoying a time when the country’s exports exceed its import costs. While there are many factors driving this outcome, arguably the … Read more

US Navy cruisers cross Taiwan Strait for first time since Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit

Two US Navy warships have sailed through international waters in the Taiwan Strait, the first such operation since a visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that infuriated China. Most important points: This is the first US Navy to pass through the Taiwan Strait since Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to the region US … Read more

John Bolton urges US and others to ‘regard Taiwan as an independent country’

Amid the latest spike in tensions between China and Taiwan, former national security adviser to Donald Trump, John Bolton, has a distinctively blunt message. “We need to make it clear to China that we consider Taiwan to be an independent country… I think the doctrine of strategic ambiguity [towards Taiwan] served its purpose,” he told … Read more

Time Out ranks the world’s coolest streets with Gertrude St, Melbourne second

If there was one Australian city that would represent us the best on a global scale when it comes to having funky, vibrant and cool streets, it would be Melbourne. Well, that’s according to Time-out anyway, which ranked Gertrude Street in the downtown suburb of Fitzroy as the second coolest in the world. Sorry Sydney, … Read more