Donald Trump: Five reasons why his third presidential run is doomed

In the opening scenes of Gladiator the legate of General Maximus says of the Germanic barbarians: “People must know when they are conquered.” To this Maximus simply replies: “Would you Quintus? Would I?” Two millennia later, another Germanic rebel has declared war on the modern Rome that is Washington DC. Like his ancestors, he does … Read more

Migrants come ashore in Sicily port as France points the finger at Italy

Hundreds of migrants waiting aboard rescue ships after Italy denied them entry finally made landfall on Tuesday, even as a diplomatic row erupted between Paris and Rome over another ship seeking a safe haven. Nearly 500 migrants are in limbo after being rescued by three different charity ships last month during their perilous crossing from … Read more

Russell Crowe not married to Britney Theriot, says Erin Molan

Russell Crowe has clarified recent media reports stating that he and girlfriend Britney Theriot ran away in Rome – and the actor has confirmed that no, they are not married. And 2Day FM’s breakfast show Hughesy, Ed & Erin got the scoop this morning, with host Erin Molan personally texting Crowe during the show to … Read more

Birmingham: Britain’s second largest city is a foodie paradise

“You missed all the action,” the concierge at my hotel informs me as I check in for my first night in Birmingham. I know what he’s talking about – the Commonwealth Games were held here just two months ago to revitalize the city and put it on the world stage – but as I’ll soon … Read more

Tourists Jessy Dewildeman and Wibe Bijls killed in Rome during hit-and-run

The brother of a woman who was murdered along with her boyfriend while the couple was on vacation in Rome has revealed a tragic twist in the death of his sibling. Jessy Dewildeman, 24, and Wibe Bijls, 25, were involved in a collision while on holiday in the Italian capital after a car hit them … Read more

Italy’s far-right leader Giorgia Meloni becomes the country’s first female leader

Italy has taken a right turn after Giorgia Meloni’s Eurosceptic populist party swept the general election to victory, leaving the former admirer of Benito Mussolini on track to become the first woman to lead the country. Most important points: The Brothers of Italy party, with neo-fascist roots, will lead a coalition Ms Meloni has distanced … Read more

Roma vs Atalanta – Serie A: Live Score, Team News and Updates

Roma 0-1 Atalanta: Visitors go TOP of Serie A thanks to Giorgio Scalvini’s strike… while Jose Mourinho is EXCLUDED Atalanta reached the top of Serie A after a 1-0 win over Roma A handsome attack in the 35th minute by Giorgio Scalvini turned out to be the difference Roma manager Jose Mourinho was sent off … Read more

Queen Elizabeth won’t retire or step down despite health problems

There are some British monarchs that everyone knows – the ostensibly virginal Elizabeth I (cough), the stern Victoria, Henry VIII, the ‘mad’ King George III – and there are those who cut off only royal obsessive diehard fanatics, such as Ethelred the Unready , King Stephen and Queen Mathilde. (One of my favorites? Lady Jane … Read more

Passenger furious as pilot exits Vueling plane after smoke fills plane’s cabin

A captain has been furious after he fled his plane after an explosion, leaving passengers and crew in the lurch. The pilot reportedly escaped the burning plane first without stopping to help someone else after an “omnipotent bang” from the rear. Chaos broke out on the flight as it prepared to take off from Barcelona … Read more

Pope lands in Canada, ready to apologize to indigenous groups

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — Pope Francis began a historic visit to Canada on Sunday to apologize to Indigenous peoples for abuses by missionaries in residential schools, an important step in the Catholic Church’s efforts to reconcile with Indigenous peoples. communities and help them heal from generations of trauma. Francis flew from Rome to Edmonton, Alberta, … Read more