Will Smith Daily Show interview: Chris Rock-slap taught actor to ‘humiliate’

Actor Will Smith has made his biggest media appearance since punching comedian Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars in March, admitting he had to “humiliate” after the incident. Smith, who has resurfaced in recent days to promote his upcoming film Emancipationsat down for an interview The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Monday night, US … Read more

James Cameron says Leonardo DiCaprio was ‘so negative’ on the set of Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio’s behavior was almost before the tip of the iceberg Titanic director James Cameron. During an interview with GKCameron revealed that DiCaprio almost didn’t get cast for his famous role as Jack in the classic romantic drama after he refused to read lines with Kate Winslet during the audition process. “There was a meeting … Read more

Donald Trump: Five reasons why his third presidential run is doomed

In the opening scenes of Gladiator the legate of General Maximus says of the Germanic barbarians: “People must know when they are conquered.” To this Maximus simply replies: “Would you Quintus? Would I?” Two millennia later, another Germanic rebel has declared war on the modern Rome that is Washington DC. Like his ancestors, he does … Read more