Liz Truss must hold her nerves as the world plunges into a catastrophic recession

Over the past 25 years, and especially since the financial crisis, the global economy has taken a catastrophic wrong turn for which we are about to pay a horrendous price. In one of the most serious intellectual mistakes since communism, many of the world’s brightest people thought they had discovered the secret to eternal prosperity. … Read more

Harry Maguire continues downward spiral in England with moment of madness

What a moment of madness. What a moment of inexplicable panic. What a moment when Southgate’s faith was completely undermined by a player who hasn’t started for his Premier League club, Manchester United, since his embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Brentford in mid-August, which saw him fall briefly. That penalty incident proved that there must be … Read more

Amid Putin’s roaring threats, the West has genuine cause for hope

I touch wood as I write, but can you think of anything that would go well for Vladimir Putin? Under his command, the Russian army has just lost not only a conquered territory the size of Wales, but also its aura of invincibility. If it suffers a similar defeat in the south, the end is … Read more

Kwasi Kwarteng must remove inheritance tax to show that he means it

And it doesn’t look like it will end there. We have already heard that the ceiling on banker bonuses imposed by the European Union will be lifted. And that also applies to the sugar tax. It will be a battle axe, take the ax to a whole series of tax increases. There’s nothing wrong with … Read more

Prince William makes sweet comment about his dog helping him through his grief

September 16, 2022, 15:45 Prince William had a sweet exchange with a dog owner when he paid tribute to the Queen. Photo: Getty Prince William shared a touching exchange with a member of the public after they came to pay their respects to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II after her death. The Prince and Princess … Read more

We plunge into economic darkness as the Elizabethan era ends

As if preparing for the impending credit crunch, Tom Scholar, permanent secretary of the Treasury Department, the man who is in fact the country’s chief accounting officer, has been fired on the spot. His notorious replacement, Antonia Romeo, former Permanent Secretary to Truss at the Department for International Trade, is undoubtedly a class act, but … Read more

America has weathered the storms that are now sweeping Europe

As Britain and continental Europe grapple with the energy crisis, rampant inflation, negative growth and currency pressures, things are brighter on the other side of the Atlantic. America is less exposed to the energy blackmail that Vladimir Putin has inflicted on countries unwise enough to become dependent on Russian oil and gas. The Fed has … Read more

Believe it or not, Britain once again helps save Europe from oblivion

In this respect, the UK is the mirror image of Germany and Italy, which have sufficient storage capacity but are heavily dependent on pipelines from Russia. You’d be hard pressed to credit it on the price of the stuff, but Britain is currently being flooded with gas, with the surplus being shipped to Europe to … Read more

Blaming net zero for the current energy crisis is culture war nonsense

Whatever progress has been made so far, it is now collapsing under the pressure of Putin’s stranglehold on the European gas market. Liz Truss, who is expected to be named Britain’s new Prime Minister next week, is already proposing to suspend all green taxes on energy bills, even if in practice this would only cover … Read more

New prime minister faces a ‘right pickle’ – but who could have seen it coming?

The new government therefore urgently needs to find ways to get inflation out of the air through other means than destroying demand through much higher interest rates. Now is not the time to further harass households and businesses, not to mention public finances, with punitive increases in the cost of money. What’s going on with … Read more