The mystery surrounding the cause of the death of tons of fish in Europe’s Oder River continues as authorities warn recovery will take years

Laboratory tests following a mass die-off of fish in the River Oder have shown high salinity, but no mercury poisoning the water. Most important points: Polish authorities have announced a reward of about $310,000 for information that will help track down those responsible for the river’s pollution Germany and Poland said the river will take … Read more

Russian oil transit via Druzhba pipeline to Central Europe halted | War news between Russia and Ukraine

Russia’s Transneft says oil flows to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have been halted due to payment difficulties. The supply of Russian oil to three European countries via Ukraine has been halted because the transit payment cannot be processed due to sanctions, Russian company Transneft said. Russian state pipeline operator Transneft said supplies were … Read more

Croatia bus crash kills 12 people, 31 injured in religious pilgrimage from Poland to Bosnia

Twelve people have been killed and 31 injured, 18 of them seriously, after a Polish bus full of religious pilgrims slipped off a road and crashed near Varazdin in northwestern Croatia, authorities said. Most important points: All victims were Polish citizens on a religious pilgrimage to southern Bosnia Croatian authorities say bus driver may have … Read more

Canada has abandoned Ukrainian embassy staff despite the likelihood of them being on the Russian hit list

Ottawa told Canadian embassy leaders in Kiev to withhold and leave information for Ukrainian staffers.Spencer Colby/The Globe and Mail Before removing Canadian diplomats from Ukraine weeks before the Russian invasion, Global Affairs Canada received information confirming that Russia was planning to go to war against its neighbor, and that Ukrainians working for the Canadian embassy … Read more

An expert explains how Nordic walking can improve your daily walk

Have you ever seen people walking with sticks even on flat surfaces and wondered why they do it? This is known as Nordic walking, which is a bit like cross-country skiing, but without snow. Walking with sticks was first developed in Scandinavia and came to central Europe about 20 years ago. For some reason, it … Read more

Polish institute classifies cats as alien invasive species

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – A respected Polish scientific institute has classified domestic cats as an “invasive alien species,” citing the damage they cause to birds and other wildlife. Some cat lovers have reacted emotionally to this month’s decision, putting the chief scientist behind it on the defensive. Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the state-run Polish … Read more

Energy prices explode across Europe as war takes its toll in Russia

Europe is melting under 40C heat. But it also faces an economic collapse in the winter as gas and electricity prices explode. And that could end his union. “Some energy companies in France and Germany are already bankrupt; threatening rescue operations. The next step is industrial companies affected by rationing,” warns Edward Lucas, senior fellow … Read more

Meghan Markle’s photo palace can’t explain it

Four years ago, Meghan Markle joined the royal family for an event, and a detail, neglected at the time, could now be a sign of the mess ahead. Prince Louis Arthur Charles is fifth in line to the throne, the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, making him the reserve. While on … Read more

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why cycling and hay fever pills can be bad news for a man’s love life

As an avid cyclist, this week I read with interest – and some alarm – research from Poland that suggests male cyclists are at risk for erectile dysfunction and possibly infertility. The problem is that cycling can put pressure on the Alcock Canal (yes, that’s really the name), a part of the male anatomy that … Read more