Tiffany Cabán’s latest knife to the heart of NYC businesses

True to her socialist ideals, Queens City Councilman Tiffany Cabán is on a new crusade against the city’s private sector and seeks to ban shooting. The city’s “Just Cause” law prohibits fast food companies from firing or firing employees or even reducing their hours by more than 15% “without a valid reason or a legitimate … Read more

Putin has another gas shock for us: the deindustrialization of Europe

“Putin knows exactly what he is doing. He focuses on the power substations and the step-up transformers that are difficult to replace,” says Professor Alan Riley, an energy expert at the Atlantic Council and adviser to Ukraine. “He has full visibility on every target because he has detailed plans that date back to the Soviet … Read more

We are learning the wrong lessons from Putin’s defeats

With Kiev crippling Russian supply lines and driving back their forces in the east and south, and with Moscow’s rocket attack on Ukrainian cities, both sides are gearing up for a harsh winter. At present, the initiative still lies with Ukraine, but as Russia redeploys and continues to mobilize, the outcome remains uncertain. This is … Read more

This is not sound money. It’s socialism

There’s a new word doing the rounds to describe the Tories following Jeremy Hunt’s £55bn tax and spending autumn statement and it’s not very pleasant to read. ‘Consocialists’ was a term first coined by Reform leader Richard Tice to encapsulate the left-wing movement of the once Thatcherian party, but following Thursday’s unprecedented tax grab, it … Read more

We are paying a huge price for the bad science behind Covid lockdowns

Early in the Covid pandemic, several surveys in buses, restaurants and choir practices laid the groundwork for the restrictions that followed. But as the pandemic fog lifts, critical analysis of these early influential studies increasingly shows that government policies were based on bad science. Reports today highlight a published study of choral practices in Skagit … Read more

Europe has taken sides in the new Cold War: China

In response, the US has made preparations to defend itself against a resurgent and powerful China. It has strengthened support for Taiwan and is preparing to defend the island by force if necessary. And it has imposed a draconian round of technology sanctions, forcing US engineers to leave the country and US companies to look … Read more

Opinion: Industrial strategy no longer taboo? When was it ever?

The greatest trick industrial strategy ever pulled was to convince the world that industrial strategy didn’t exist. Take Chrystia Freeland’s Fall Economic Statement, calling for a “robust industrial policy” backed by a series of new investment tax credits, a new government investment fund called the Canada Growth Fund, a Canadian Innovation and Investment Agency, and … Read more

Tax increases are looming, but OBR forecasts have been wrong for years

During his long reign as Chancellor alongside Tony Blair, Brown exercised an iron grip on Treasury Department policymaking, micromanaging every decision made and extending his influence to every corner of the government machine. With a determination to vastly increase the size of the state while maintaining a facade of caution, critics accused Brown of manipulating … Read more

Don’t get caught up in recession panic

Font size Conditions in the labor market should not yet lead to panic, writes Guy Berger. Joe Raedle/Getty Images About the author: Guy Berger is chief economist at LinkedIn. As of 2022, most people who follow US macroeconomic data knew that economic growth and gains in the labor market were likely to slow. Tax stimulus … Read more