Consumer expectations of future inflation have fallen significantly in earnings for the Federal Reserve

Gas prices are displayed at an Exxon gas station on July 29, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Brandon Bell | Getty Images Consumer inflation prospects fell significantly in July due to a sharp decline in gas prices and growing belief that rapid increases in food and housing would slow in the future. The New York Federal … Read more

Fed Governor Bowman sees ‘similar’ rate hikes on the horizon after three-quarter-point moves

Federal Reserve Bank governor Michelle Bowman makes her first public comments as a federal policymaker at an American Bankers Association conference in San Diego, Calif., Feb. 11, 2019. Ann Sapphire | Reuters Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman said on Saturday that she supports the central bank’s recent major rate hikes and thinks they will likely … Read more

The US economy has yet to face its biggest recession challenge

A person removes the nozzle from a pump at a gas station on July 29, 2022 in Arlington, Virginia. Olivier Douliery | AFP | Getty Images You would be hard-pressed to find a rearview mirror recession right now. What’s on the road, however, is a different story. There is no historical precedent indicating that an … Read more

Fed’s Bullard sees more rate hikes ahead and no US recession

James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, said on Wednesday that the central bank will continue to raise interest rates until it sees compelling evidence that inflation is falling. The central bank official said he expects an additional 1.5 percentage points in rate hikes this year as the Fed continues to battle its … Read more

Fed’s James Bullard expresses confidence that economy can make ‘soft landing’

James Bullard Olivia Michael | CNBC James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, said Tuesday he still believes the economy can avoid a recession, even as he expects the central bank to continue raising interest rates to keep inflation in check. “I think inflation has come in higher than I expected in the … Read more

Fed’s Mary Daly says ‘our work is far from done’ on raising interest rates

Mary Daly, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, poses after a talk on the US economic outlook, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, US, November 12, 2018. Ann Sapphire | Reuters The Federal Reserve still has a lot of work to do before it gets inflation under control, and that means higher interest rates, … Read more

Market jump after Fed hike is ‘fall’, Morgan Stanley warns investors

Morgan Stanley is urging investors to resist putting their money to work in stocks, despite the market’s jump following the Fed’s decision. Mike Wilson, the company’s chief US equity strategist and chief investment officer, said he believes Wall Street’s excitement over the idea that rate hikes could slow earlier than expected is premature and problematic. … Read more

Gas prices have fallen, but commodities still dominate the future of inflation

A customer pumps gasoline into his car at a gas station on May 18, 2022 in Petaluma, California. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Not many people understand commodity markets, but as the Federal Reserve decides how much to raise interest rates, commodity prices have a lot to do with the current high inflation and the … Read more

Fed likely to raise interest rates by three-quarters on new economic signals

Faced with a slowing economy and inflation showing signs of at least peaking, if not retreating, the Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point next week. Last week, markets had briefly flirted with the idea that the central bank would decide on a full percentage point. But economists … Read more

Government bond yields ahead of key inflation data release

US Treasury yields fell Tuesday as traders prepared for key inflation data to be released later this week. The 2-year fell 6 basis points to trade at 3.0078%, but remained above the 10-year Treasury, which fell 6 basis points to 2.9225%, before falling back below 3%. The yield on the 30-year government bond was 5 … Read more