Season 1, Episode 4, “The Fielder Method”

Nathan Fielder inside The rehearsalPhoto: Thanks to HBO Can you ever be authentic if you are paralyzed by your own self-awareness? As I ask myself this question every day, I’m jotting it down today because I wondered it when I finished the fourth installment of Nathan Fielder’s genre-defying series. The rehearsal. Ostensibly, the non-fiction show … Read more

What’s happening in The Rehearsal? Is it real? Five questions about Nathan Fielder’s reality-style comedy show

Have you ever anxiously played out every possible scenario in your head for a big moment? What if you could “really” do that? That’s the basic idea behind it The rehearsalan absurdist comedy meets reality show where people ask a lot of questions. Here’s what we know about it. What happens in the performance? One … Read more

Nathan Fielder’s existential The Rehearsal will leave you questioning the reality of your experience

Is it fake? Is it real? Is it somewhere in between? The one thing that is certain is that the existential series will make you question the reality of your experience. The Rehearsal is a deceptive series. Misleading might be the wrong word. Stealthy is the better. The rehearsal is a sneaky series. It presents … Read more