Northern Territory Filmmaker Phil O’Brien Shoots Generous Feature Film In Nhulunbuy

Armed with a pawn shop camera, a cast of small town actors and a heart bigger than Phar Lap, a Northern Territory director has proven that you don’t need subsidies to make a feature film. Or expensive equipment. Or trained actors. All director Phil O’Brien needed was a solid script and enough goodwill from a … Read more

Changing Food Landscape in Western Sydney’s Melting Pot Celebrated in New Series

When actor and writer Arka Das grew up in western Sydney as a child, there was no Bangladeshi restaurant in sight. Instead, the kitchen was something shared and celebrated at home. “My mom didn’t have all the ingredients to make the things she wanted to make because they just didn’t exist. But now you can … Read more

Harley Quinn Showrunners Say No Chance For A Joker Romance

Screenshot: HBO Max seas three of DC animated series Harley Quinn is now stream on HBO Maxand show runners Justin Halpen and Patrick Schumacker sat down with the AV club to overtake fans about what to expect – or, in the case of a certain romance, left happily in Harley’s past, what? not to expect. … Read more

VFX Artist Discusses Absurdly Long Hours on Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios boss Kevin FeigePhoto: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) Marvel movies are some of the greatest things in the world, bringing in millions and billions of dollars for the Marvel actors, the Marvel executives and the Disney executives, but it’s been depressingly clear for a while that the money doesn’t always make it come down … Read more

Titanic, The Omen and Star Trek actor David Warner dies of cancer-related illness at age 80

David Warner, the versatile British actor whose work has ranged from Shakespearean tragedies to science fiction classics, has died aged 80. Most important points: Warner was often cast as a villain and had roles in thriller Straw Dogs and horror classic The Omen He was a young star of the Royal Shakespeare Company He has … Read more

International Quidditch Association Says Sport’s Name Will Change To Quadball To Lower Trademark Costs And Move Away From JK Rowling

The governing body for real Quidditchthe game inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, has officially announced that the sport will now be known as Quadball. The International Quidditch Association (IQA) will help national governing bodies around the world change the new name, which it says “refers to both the number of balls and the number … Read more

The Amazing Spider-Man, 10 Years Later, Found Its Own Success

Image† Sony Pictures/Marvel It’s not just Transformers that’s a milestone to celebrate this holiday weekend. In 2012, Sony returned to Marvel Comics’ hottest hero with The Great Spider Man† a reboot completely separate from the original Sam Raimi Trilogy, for good and for bad. And ten years later, the two-movie franchise (well, two and a … Read more