War in Russia: President Putin’s sick new plan to freeze and starve Ukraine

Freezing Russian troops expose their positions by lighting fires. But Ukraine’s devastated power grid could give Russian President Vladimir Putin the landslide victory he so desperately needs. Millions of cold, hungry people could soon be moving. “The Kremlin clearly hopes that through its bombings it can arm refugees, provoking another exodus to Poland and elsewhere … Read more

Ten people killed in Kherson as Russia ramps up bombing of Ukraine’s key infrastructure

A volley of rockets has hit recently liberated Kherson in southern Ukraine for the second day, in a marked escalation of attacks since Russian troops withdrew from the city two weeks ago. Most important points: Russian missiles hit civilian infrastructure in the recently liberated city Missile attacks may continue as Russian troops dig across the … Read more

Vladimir Putin meets mothers of Russian soldiers killed in his war against Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has met with more than a dozen mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine and told those who had lost sons that he and the entire leadership shared in their suffering. Most important points: Vladimir Putin met 17 women at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo on the occasion of Russian Mother’s Day He … Read more

Low morale is crushing the Russian army and people as the country faces its harshest winter

Russians could be facing one of their worst winters, in a country where December through February sees arctic winds pushing temperatures below zero. While the mercury dips to -7C in Moscow, it can reach -60C at night in Siberia. Nine months after Russia’s war against Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s initial belief that the army could capture … Read more

Russia: Firebrand Putin ally Vladimir Solovyov brutally stopped in rare live TV rebuke

One of Vladimir Putin’s commanders-in-chief has been brutally knocked out on his own TV talk show after a guest called his warmongering remarks “obscene.” Vladimir Solovyov is a leading commentator in Russia with his own primetime chat show. Known as “the voice of Putin,” Solovyov has spent much of the war in Ukraine mimicking the … Read more

Opening Ceremony, Morgan Freeman, Artists, Singers, Latest News, BTS Jungkook, Jung Kook New Song, Who Performed?

The World Cup in Qatar has opened in spectacular fashion, with superstars including actor Morgan Freeman performing in a stunning opening ceremony. The hosts will play their first ever World Cup match in the opening game of the tournament against Ecuador. But the party started early at Al Bayt Stadium, with Jungkook of K-pop megastars … Read more

War in Ukraine: horror sign Putin only starts bombing Kiev

Despite the chaos and devastation Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has caused over the past nine months, there are grim signs that the worst of the operation is yet to come. As winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, Russia is executing a devastating strategy to attack Ukraine’s energy facilities through a series of mass strikes … Read more

What we know about 4 students found dead near the campus of the University of Idaho – National

Idaho police are investigating the deaths of four students after their bodies were discovered Sunday in a home near the University of Idaho campus. The sudden deaths have sent a shock wave through the university city of Moscow, with students and community members left with few answers about what happened. Moscow police have not yet … Read more

Zambian student captured in Russia killed in Ukraine

CNN — A Zambian student imprisoned in Russia has been killed in fighting in Ukraine, Zambia’s foreign ministry said Monday. The student was a 23-year-old student who had been sponsored by the Zambian government to study nuclear engineering at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. The man was identified as Lemekhani Nathan Nyirenda by Zambian Foreign … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s new threat to Russian passports after withdrawal from Ukraine Kherson

Vladimir Putin wants to pass a new law that would allow him to take passports from non-born citizens if they criticize the war in Ukraine, The Kyiv Independent reported. The Ukrainian news site said the Russian president had proposed amendments to a bill apparently targeting Ukrainians forced or left with no choice but to change … Read more