Is Capitalism Killing Democracy? Some world leaders take advantage of wealth

Is this fair? The richest 20 percent of Australians own nearly two-thirds of all wealth. People in the lowest 60 percent own only one-fifth of the wealth. Is this fair? People in the top 20 percent income bracket receive more than 40 percent of all income. That is more than the share of the lowest … Read more

‘Painfully slow capitulation’: why investors continue to misunderstand inflation

A brutal third quarter in financial markets came to an end on Friday and one thing is overwhelmingly clear: inflation is currently the main factor driving asset valuation and yet few, if any, are able to accurately predict where it will go. The reason? Professional forecasters, policymakers and traders continue to dismiss the way inflation … Read more

US imposes ‘quick and heavy costs’ on Russia after Putin’s annexation of Ukraine

CNN — The US is imposing what it describes as “quick and heavy charges” on Russia, including sanctions on a figure the Biden administration says is critical to Russia’s economy, after President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of regions to Ukraine over what the West touts as “sham referendums.” Putin signed documents on Friday to … Read more

Poilievre’s Comments on Cryptocurrency Inflation Sparked Bureaucratic Investigation: Documents – National

Senior federal bureaucrats were investigating whether cryptocurrencies protect against inflation not long after opposition leader Pierre Poilievre made the claim as a candidate in the conservative leadership race, according to an internal government document. The Privy Council Office, whose role is to provide impartial advice to the prime minister and cabinet, has issued a briefing … Read more

Recession fears put housing plans on hold for 41% planning to buy or sell: Re/Max – National

Many Canadians worried about an impending recession are on the sidelines of the housing market this fall, according to new polls prepared for Re/Max Canada. The real estate brokerage released the poll Wednesday alongside the housing market outlook for the fall, which predicted an ongoing cooling in both prices and sales activity for most markets … Read more

How much social security will you receive if …?

A report from Saturday from The Motley Fool explains how a person’s Social Security retirement benefit is calculated, using a person with an average annual income of $100,000. According to the report, that person receives an estimated $2,893.11 per month from age 70. Getting from an average income of $100,000 during one’s working years to … Read more

Albertans see tax hike on gas prices October 1

Albertans will see a partial refund of the provincial fuel tax on the price of gasoline and diesel from Oct. 1, as retailers have been told by the UCP government to collect 4.5 cents per liter. Retailers were notified of the change through a special notice sent by the county on Sept. 21. READ MORE: … Read more

805K homes in Canada don’t have enough space for the people who live in them: data – National

With a family of seven in a three-bedroom townhouse and a fitness business she runs from home, Vanessa van Tol is a pro at maximizing space. The Delta, BC personal trainer behind Lunges and Lipstick uses her garage for workouts, bought bunk beds and trundle beds so her three boys can share one bedroom and … Read more

The loonie is at a low of almost 2 years. What does that mean for inflation? – National

As the Canadian madman falters against the rising US dollar, experts say the effect could exacerbate inflation on some goods imported from the south of the border. The Canadian dollar stands at 75 cents against the US dollar benchmark on Tuesday, a nearly two-year low for the loonie. Economists say there could be a few … Read more

The net-zero policy that must be torn apart to save your wealth

Britain’s ambition to reach net zero by 2050 has drawn much criticism since the target was first announced in 2019 – not least because of its potential impact on household finances. Plans to phase out the country’s gas boilers, as well as petrol and diesel cars could help reduce the national carbon footprint, but critics … Read more