Monkeys don’t give people monkeypox, WHO says, so don’t attack them

““What people need to know very clearly is the [monkeypox] transfer that we see takes place between people to people. They are certainly not allowed to attack animals.”” That said the spokesman for the World Health Organization, Margaret Harris, during a press conference in Geneva with reporters on Tuesday. She warned that while cases of … Read more

Study Says Migraine Drugs May Be Beneficial For Weight Loss

According to a study conducted on obese mice, a prescription class of migraine drugs called Triptans are considered helpful in treating obesity. In the study, a daily dose of Triptans resulted in animals eating less food and losing weight over the course of a month. “We’ve shown that there is real potential to reuse these … Read more

Sickle cell disease can be treated with common plants, study finds

A common plant from West Africa works as a treatment for sickle cell disease, new research has found. Scientists from Aberystwyth University isolated a chemical in the Alchonea cordifolia plant, also known as the Christmas bush, which could help relieve symptoms of the life-threatening and painful disease that affects 15,000 people in the UK. In … Read more

Saint Louis University and Industry Partners Discover Treatment for Rare, Genetic Liver Disease

Newswise – ST. LOUIS, July 8, 2022 — Researchers from Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine, in collaboration with Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, report the first effective drug for treating a rare, genetic liver disease that previously could only be treated with a liver transplant. The study, “Fazirsiran for Liver Disease Associated with Alpha1-Antitrypsin … Read more

Why blood makes up more than 2.5% of all US exports

In America, blood means big business. The North American blood market was valued at $3.3 billion in 2021, according to Global Market Insights Inc. According to the Census Bureau, blood makes up 2.69% of US exports. Since there is no substitute for human blood, it can be difficult to meet the demand. During the Covid … Read more