The search for a vaccine for urinary tract infections

If you are alive and in possession of a vagina, chances are you will get a urinary tract infection at some point in your life. UTIs are one of the most common bacterial infections, so you might assume that modern medicine has nearly perfected its treatment options for this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous condition. Unfortunately … Read more

Cancer tumor disappears with injection of modified herpes virus

Herpes is a curse for most, but may be a blessing for some. A new cancer therapy that uses a modified form of the virus to attack tumors has completely eradicated the cancer of the salivary glands in a London man. The drug, called RP2, was shown to have promising effects in early clinical trials … Read more

Gut microbiome likely contributes to HIV infection

New UCLA-led research suggests that certain gut bacteria — including one essential for a healthy gut microbiome — differ between people who get HIV infection compared to those who haven’t been infected. The findings, published in the peer-reviewed journal eBioMedicinesuggest that the gut microbiome could contribute to a person’s risk of HIV infection, said study … Read more

COVID-19 booster shots essential for maintaining long-term immunity to infection in older adults

In a study of more than 80 men and women from Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins researchers added evidence that COVID-19 booster injections are essential for maintaining long-term immunity against infection, especially in older adults. Results of the study, published August 15 in Clinical infectious diseasesdirectly support CDC vaccination guidelines recommending COVID-19 boosters, researchers say. A … Read more

Optimal birth weight may help reduce the risk of mental health problems in children

New research from the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has found that babies with greater birth weight in childhood and adolescence have fewer mental health and behavioral problems. These findings may help identify and support children at greater risk of developing mental health problems. The study, published in European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, … Read more

High blood pressure causes faster cognitive decline, new study finds

People with high blood pressure face a faster erosion of their ability to think, make decisions and remember information than people with normal blood pressure, a new study finds. The researchers traced the association of high blood pressure with declining brain function over years, in data from six large studies that they pooled and analyzed. … Read more

What is the vaccine effectiveness of repeated flu vaccinations?

In a recent study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine magazine, researchers calculated the decline in vaccine effectiveness due to repeated flu vaccinations. Research: Does Repeated Flu Vaccination Reduce Effectiveness? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Image Credit: BaLL LunLa/Shutterstock Circulating viruses, especially influenza A(H3N2) viruses, experience rapid antigenic drift necessitating vaccine reconfiguration. Since vaccination-induced protection … Read more

Mortality prediction model for dementia patients can help make decisions about end-of-life care

A mortality prediction model for older adults with dementia can help clinicians frame discussions with patients and their families regarding end-of-life care, such as home support and nursing homes. In addition, the model can help doctors determine whether patients should continue with routine cancer screening or stop taking medications, such as insulin for people with … Read more

Research shows the importance of nighttime blood pressure measurement for diagnosing hypertension

About 15% of people between the ages of 40-75 may have some form of undiagnosed high blood pressure (hypertension) that only occurs at night. Because they are unaware of this and therefore not treated for it, they are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart failure and even death, suggests new research … Read more

Researchers examine neurological manifestations in tall COVID patients

In a recent study published in naturopathyresearchers assessed the long-term neurological consequences in the post-acute phase of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) or long-term COVD. Study: Long-term neurological outcomes of COVID-19. Image Credit: Starocean/Shutterstock Long COVID-19 refers to the spectrum of post-acute COVID-19 consequences with various extrapulmonary manifestations, including neurological abnormalities. Most studies of long-term COVID-associated … Read more