‘China threat’ pops up in UK to Australia elections

LONDON (AP) — It’s not just the economy. While fears inflation and recession weighing heavily on voters’ minds, another problem crops up in political campaigns from the UK and Australia to the US and beyond: the ‘Chinese threat’. The Two Finalists Competing for Britain’s Next Prime Minister, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunakclashed in a televised … Read more

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must stop playing political games

“In Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein remains keen to drive a wedge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and push itself further and further away. “In Scotland, instead of meeting the priorities of the people, the SNPs are working on independence.” Ms Truss said she would “open new markets” for “Scotch whisky, Welsh lamb and ships … Read more

The horrifying truth behind Britain’s impending basket case collapse

Looming power cuts, skyrocketing bills, water shortages, dysfunctional public services, skyrocketing taxes, a failing economy: Britain’s crisis, our dizzying, seemingly accelerating decline, is tragic but not surprising. We are approaching the endgame, the final denouement, of a quarter of a century of political, intellectual and moral failure to which most of our political class has … Read more

Liz Truss vows to be ‘robust’ with French and ‘deal with’ Euro judges to solve migrant crisis

Tory leadership favorite Liz Truss pledged tonight to be “robust” against the French and “to deal with” European judges to resolve the Channel’s migrant crisis. The Foreign Secretary promised to see through the government’s Rwanda plan, if she becomes prime minister, as a way to curb the numbers arriving on British shores by small boats. … Read more

Households face £30bn stealth raid over Rishi Sunak’s tax freeze

Both hopeful Tory leaders are under mounting pressure to reveal more financial support for households facing energy bills over £4,200 this winter. The IFS said tackling Mr Sunak’s stealth tax would do more to increase incomes than lower general tax rates. “By lowering the rate of national insurance contributions while raising tens of billions more … Read more

‘Tax cuts aren’t going to cut it’: Brandon Lewis trolled by Nick Robinson over Truss’ economic plans

Liz Truss’ supporter Brandon Lewis clashed with Radio 4’s Nick Robinson on Monday over the Tory leadership’s hopeful claim that she would not give “handouts”. Truss then said she would refuse “handouts” to help the public cope — a claim her supporters have since claimed to be “misinterpreted” — and instead wants to cut taxes … Read more

Truss and Sunak at war over cost of living as poll shows 17% want tax cuts ahead of inflation control

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have clashed over the cost of living crisis amid signs that the public wants the new Tory Prime Minister to get a grip on runaway inflation before handing out tax cuts. The foreign minister, who is the favorite to enter the number 10 in four weeks, was criticized by her … Read more

Treasury accused of ‘laundering’ windfall gains to downplay investment risk

A government source admitted: “The main problem with snap taxes is their unpredictable nature. Companies want certainty and a windfall tax can make the difference between a project that goes ahead or not.” However, an impact assessment last month by HM Revenue and Customs for the Treasury shows that the levy will not hit the … Read more

Liz Truss tax cuts, not ‘handouts’, tackle the crisis of the livelihood

l iz Truss has said she would help people with the cost of living crisis by cutting taxes and not giving “handouts.” The hopeful Tory leadership was asked if they would offer more help with rising fuel bills this winter if they become the next prime minister. The secretary of state told the Financial Times … Read more

Liz Truss Will Overthrow Orthodoxy To Deliver True Conservative Economics

The second reason is that Liz understands that the status quo is not an option in times of crisis. To quote the excellent economist Sam Bowman, we need a “booster” attitude to the economy, not a “doomster” attitude, to address the problems of the cost of living and the challenges we face on the global … Read more