Aussies talk about social equality, gaming and finance on Twitter

Social media platform Twitter has revealed the biggest trends and conversations in Australia. These trends have been reviewed, analyzed and added to the Twitter trends report. Conversations have never been more important in the eyes of Australians. As a driver of both trends and real-world changes, Twitter has become a service that not only offers … Read more

The Emmys have a problem with Dave Chappelle

Eearlier this year, Louis CK proved his own “cancellation” was a myth when his big comeback special Sincerely Louis CK Not only was it nominated but also won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. Don’t be surprised if Dave Chappelle pulls a similar trick at the Emmys. Now, to be fair, hate speech isn’t … Read more

Why blood makes up more than 2.5% of all US exports

In America, blood means big business. The North American blood market was valued at $3.3 billion in 2021, according to Global Market Insights Inc. According to the Census Bureau, blood makes up 2.69% of US exports. Since there is no substitute for human blood, it can be difficult to meet the demand. During the Covid … Read more