Americans Suffer From Financial Burnout

A recession is a very real possibility. As the Federal Reserve aggressively raises interest rates to combat ongoing inflation, the tough stance could come at a cost. Falling stock markets have already wiped more than $9 trillion in wealth from US households. Fed Chair Jerome Powell also warned that the central bank’s forthcoming moves to … Read more

Fed’s fight against inflation could cost US 1.2 million jobs

Minneapolis CNN Business — In its efforts to reduce historic inflation and cool the economy, the Federal Reserve has used multiple euphemisms to describe the potential impact on Americans’ jobs, from economic “pain” to “unfortunate costs” and a job market”. However, data does not mince words. The Fed’s latest economic forecast, released Wednesday alongside a … Read more

From the Fed to the currency crisis in Europe, here’s what’s behind this sell-off in the financial markets:

Trader on the floor of the NYSE, June 7, 2022. Source: NYSE Stocks fell sharply, bond yields rose and the dollar strengthened Friday as investors heeded the Federal Reserve’s signal that the battle with inflation could lead to much higher interest rates and a recession. The sell-off was global on Friday, in a week in … Read more

What to watch out for before changing jobs now

Skynesher | E+ | Getty Images It is still a workers’ market, even if there is high inflation and a possible recession. But there are some signs that may begin to change. One big reason: The Federal Reserve’s 0.75 percentage point rate hike announced on Wednesday probably won’t be its last as it tries to … Read more

Federal Reserve: Fed goes big again with third consecutive three-quarter-point rate hike

Washington, DC CNN Business — The Federal Reserve made history on Wednesday, approving a third straight increase of 75 basis points in an aggressive effort to tackle the red-hot inflation plaguing the US economy. The super-big hike, unfathomable to markets just months ago, is pushing the central bank’s benchmark lending rate to a new target … Read more

Fed must raise interest rates by 150 basis points: Wells Fargo

It’s a move that would likely cause panic on Wall Street. But Michael Schumacher of Wells Fargo Securities suggests the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates too slowly, telling CNBC’s “Fast Money” that he would seriously consider a 150 basis point hike this week if he were chairman Jerome Powell. “The Fed knows the destination. … Read more

Layoffs are on the horizon, some economists say

From soaring inflation to a red-hot job market and negative gross domestic product in between, economists are divided on the health of the U.S. economy. “There’s been a lot of talk lately that we’re in a recession. We’ve got two quarters of GDP falling, which often happens with the recession. … But we’ve got job … Read more

Steep rate hike Fed seen as certainty after ugly inflation figures

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said policymakers must continue to act vigorously to address the raging price pressures that are weighing on American families. — AFP file photo Sunday 18 Sep 2022 13:45 MJT WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 — The Federal Reserve is poised to unleash another massive rate hike this week after the latest data … Read more

Inflation ‘collapse’ will lead to big stock market gains: Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse expects the Federal Reserve to halt rate hikes earlier than widely expected due to falling inflation. According to the company’s chief US equity strategist, it will launch a powerful market breakout. related investing news Bank of America warns investors are ignoring the dangers of ‘synchronized’ policy tightening “This is basically what’s broadly priced … Read more

Treasury yields lower than expected US consumer report

Bond yields fell slightly on Monday as markets waited for data on consumer inflation expectations. The return on the benchmark 10-year Treasury Note was down 2 basis points, trading at 3.295% around 5:40 am ET. The yield on the 30-year government bond fell by about a basis point to 3.44%. The return on the 2-year … Read more