10 incredible unknown games to put on your wish list this minute

Screenshot: Microstory Just like the rest of Team my city are turkey hunting through their local Macy’s (I did more research on what a Thanksgiving is this year), again I got the keys to the site, locked everyone out and immediately lost those keys. While I’m stuck here I have to tell you about some … Read more

Angler Gaming plc: Interim Report for Q3 2022

22.6% Consecutive Quarterly Revenue Growth and Positive EBIT of €740,675 in Q3 Key facts for the 3rd Quarter 2022 (1st July 2022 – 30e Sep 2022) All figures are compared to the same quarter last year, unless explicitly stated otherwise Revenue decreased by 16.16% to €8,495,464 (€10,132,959) EBIT of €740.675 (€2.112.089) EBIT … Read more

Unique compound of CNM-Au8 to treat MS and ALS: Michael Hotchkin

WATCH TIME: 2 minutes “It’s fascinating how many different neurodegenerative diseases share a commonality of energetic dysfunction. We have preclinical models that suggest efficacy for a variety of different neurodegenerative diseases: MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple other models.” CNM-Au8, an investigational agent consisting of a gold nanocrystal suspension developed by Clene Nanomedicine, represents a … Read more