Calm Meditation App Reportedly Fires 20% Of Its Staff

Photo: Staff (Getty Images) Former employees of the Calm meditation app may need to stop and take a deep breath. On Thursday, the company’s CEO, David Ko, announced layoffs affecting 20% ​​of its roughly 400 employees in a memo to staff seen by Gizmodo. That 20% translates into about 90 employees. The memo comes amid … Read more

Mark Ruffalo defends Marvel’s output with an eye on Star Wars

Image: Marvel Studios During a press tour for She-Hulkspoke Mark Ruffalo with Subway about Marvel’s Use of VFX and the magnitude of the output from the studio. While he had only glowing praise for the great leaps that CGIA Over the past ten years before he was involved with Marvel, he had somewhat stronger feelings … Read more

What DC Movies Are Still Out There? We break down the full list

We will definitely see all these guys on the big screen.Image: DC movies We may never see the recently cancelLED batgirl movie, but it has had a huge impact anyway. Since the movie unauthorized dumping on tax write-offsoffs, the whole conversation around DC Films has changed. Some executives were reportedly so angry about the film … Read more

She-Hulk Promo Teases Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Return

Image: Marvel/Netflix As soon as the news reached that She-Hulk got her own show, there was a lot of hope that Daredevil would show up, given both of their day jobs as lawyers. And sure enough, the man without fear becomes hanging around with Tatiana Maslany’s green future hero Jennifer Walters when She-Hulk will premiere … Read more

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings was almost involved with Peter Jackson

Image: Amazon Studios Amazon is coming Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series has a great pedigree to live up to than bringing author JRR Tolkien’s world to life. Warner Bros.’ Lord of the Rings movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson in the mid-2000s, big looms over both the fantasy genre and this … Read more

WB doesn’t need a plan, it needs to stop trying so hard

Image: Warner Bros. The word ‘plan’ in relation to the film industry, especially when it comes to: IP blockbusters, is a dirty word at the moment. Executives have used it so many times that not only has it lost all meaning, it can also actively kill the excitement you might have for an upcoming movie … Read more

Chainsaw Man Roars to Life in New Trailer

Image: MAP Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Breakthrough Manga chainsaw man is an incredibly gory gorefest that balances its gonzo premise with deeply heartfelt, emotional character arcs. Originally serialized in Shonen Jump Starting in 2018, the series is a violent exposition about human fear and the deals we make with our own devils. Studio MAPPA adapts the manga … Read more

The Gaming Shelf celebrates the Indie Groundbreaker Awards

Gene Con is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! No one panics, but if you’re not ready, maybe you should panic just a little. Also this month kicks off Kickstarter’s August Zine Questdating back to February next year. It’s… a long story, but the attempt to shift Zine Quest until August (to coincide with GenCon) messed with … Read more

Harley Quinn Showrunners Say No Chance For A Joker Romance

Screenshot: HBO Max seas three of DC animated series Harley Quinn is now stream on HBO Maxand show runners Justin Halpen and Patrick Schumacker sat down with the AV club to overtake fans about what to expect – or, in the case of a certain romance, left happily in Harley’s past, what? not to expect. … Read more