Meghan Markle wants to wake up royal family with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “trying to create an alternative, awake royal family,” according to self-proclaimed royal expert Angela Levin. Levin – a noted biographer of Prince Harry and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are enveloping themselves in “greatness and splendor that surrounds them” after the royals … Read more

Germany turns nuclear weapon into battle to avert winter crisis

Germany plans to keep its remaining nuclear plants open longer in a big U-turn as it strives to keep the lights on with less Russian gas this winter. Officials have concluded that the factories are needed due to gas shortages and that they can be kept open without safety concerns, the Wall Street Journal reported. … Read more

Queen not seeing Meghan and Harry in the UK would be utterly stupid

Sometimes there are coincidences that are just too wonderfully ironic for words. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Royal Family’s official Twitter account took a break from posting their usual selection of photos of Princess Anne Doing Things (my all-time favorite came last week when she was inspecting a sewer) to highlight Victory … Read more

Germany introduces winter gas tax amid warnings of impact | News | DW

The winter gas surcharge, which will take effect in October for German households and companies, was set on Monday at 2.4 euro cents per kilowatt hour. Gas prices have been pushed up not least by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, raising market concerns about energy security and, in some cases, supply shortages. So far, consumers … Read more

American Writer Sally Hoedel Claims Elvis Died Young by Incestuous Family Members

One writer has claimed that Elvis Presley’s tragic death at age 42 was not caused by self-destruction and drug abuse, but was a tragic inevitability caused by bad genes in the singer’s family tree. Myths and misconceptions continue to swirl around Elvis’ death in the 45 years since the legendary performer went unresponsive in the … Read more

The mystery surrounding the cause of the death of tons of fish in Europe’s Oder River continues as authorities warn recovery will take years

Laboratory tests following a mass die-off of fish in the River Oder have shown high salinity, but no mercury poisoning the water. Most important points: Polish authorities have announced a reward of about $310,000 for information that will help track down those responsible for the river’s pollution Germany and Poland said the river will take … Read more

Brad Pitt’s transformation heralds a new phase

It was either the Dalai Lama or Shania Twain who once said, ‘Okay, so you’re Brad Pitt? That doesn’t impress me much.” But Brad Pitt isn’t the kind of guy who wants to impress the Dalai Lama and Shania Twain. He knows he will impress everyone. Therefore, he is now confidently moving into the next … Read more

French Canadian mom turned to Reddit for advice on son’s name

Choosing a name for your child is a very difficult decision for many parents. While some parents-to-be may already have a huge list of names they like, for others it can seem very daunting to pick a name. And one mom has taken to Reddit to reveal that she not only struggled to pick a … Read more

Germany’s economy faces a €260 billion blow as the energy crisis continues

The German economy will lose more than £220 billion (€260 billion) in value added by the end of the decade, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and skyrocketing energy prices – revealing negative effects on the country’s labor market. According to a study by the Institute of Employment Research (IAB), Germany’s price-adjusted gross domestic … Read more