Judge Says Trump’s Political Actions Around 2020 Election Not Protected By ‘Absolute Immunity’

CNN — A federal judge in Washington, D.C., said Monday that Donald Trump does not have “absolute immunity” as the former president claimed he should, responding to an early-stage lawsuit regarding Trump’s actions surrounding the presidential election of 2020. Civil rights groups have sued Trump for disenfranchising voters. While Trump’s lawyers argue he cannot be … Read more

Donald Trump: Five reasons why his third presidential run is doomed

In the opening scenes of Gladiator the legate of General Maximus says of the Germanic barbarians: “People must know when they are conquered.” To this Maximus simply replies: “Would you Quintus? Would I?” Two millennia later, another Germanic rebel has declared war on the modern Rome that is Washington DC. Like his ancestors, he does … Read more

Liz Cheney calls election results ‘clear team win normal’ and Trump rejection

CNN — Rep. Liz Cheney said Thursday that the results of this week’s midterm elections were “a clear win for Team Normal” and a “rejection of the toxicity” of former President Donald Trump. “I think it was a clear win for Team Normal, and we have a tremendous amount of work to do,” Cheney said, … Read more

US Midterm Election Results: The Dilemma Of Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement

Here we are again. Donald Trump’s Republican Party has undergone another electoral faceplant, and there is talk again that Republicans may be ready to leave him. Sounds tiringly familiar, doesn’t it? The same sentence could have been written after Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden in 2020. He was the first sitting US president to lose … Read more

US 2022 midterm elections: Donald Trump urged to delay big presidential election announcement, stay away from Georgia

Donald Trump is “toxic” and should stay away from an upcoming pivotal battle that could determine who controls the US Senate. That is the view of an unnamed adviser to the former president after an unexpectedly lackluster showing by the Republican Party in this week’s midterm elections. Two days after the poll, it is still … Read more

US 2022 midterm election results: Hundreds of election deniers could win office

The US midterm elections may not have seen the breakthrough the Republican party was hoping for. And it could have seriously damaged Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election. But there was a breakthrough for a certain type of candidate — and it could bode well for Mr Trump … Read more

US midterm elections: Donald Trump’s presidential hopes could be shattered by abortion concerns

Make no mistake, Kathleen is against abortion. Just about any kind of it. Over a cup of coffee in St. Augustine, a picturesque town on Florida’s east coast, she told news.com.au that women who become pregnant but don’t want the child should not abort — they should have the child adopted. In the crucial midterm … Read more

Voter fraud case dismissed against Miami suspect

CNN — A Florida judge Friday dismissed the case of a Miami man arrested in August on charges of voter fraud, saying prosecutors acted outside their jurisdiction. Robert Wood, 56, was charged with lying on voter forms and voting illegally. He is one of more than a dozen people arrested in August in a crackdown … Read more

What can happen if an election denier organizes elections?

A version of this story appears in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. Sign up for free to get it in your inbox here. CNN — If you haven’t seen Dana Bash’s Sunday interview on CNN with Kari Lake, TV journalist turned Republican candidate for governor in Arizona, you should. There is only one outcome Lake said … Read more

Arizona’s top Republican Rusty Bowers criticizes Trump-backed candidates who could try to undo future elections

CNN — “fascism.” Rusty Bowers made the comments in an interview for an upcoming CNN special report from Jake Tapper, “American Coup: The January 6th Investigation.” The documentary, which chronicles the major bombshells of Congress’ extensive investigation into the U.S. Capitol uprising on January 6, 2021, premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CNN. Bowers … Read more