Water supply ‘red alert’ for China’s largest freshwater lake as drought continues

The central Chinese province of Jiangxi has declared a water supply a “red alert” for the first time after the Poyang freshwater lake, the country’s largest, shrunk to a record low. Most important points: Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake, is in the grip of a severe drought The water level has dropped nearly 13 … Read more

China just imported a record amount of beef. Next on the shopping list is coal

China’s appetite for beef is breaking records this year and analysts say coal is the next big item on the shopping list. In July, China imported 274,000 tons of beef from around the world, worth a record $2.65 billion ($US 1.8 billion). Global Agritrends president Brett Stuart said the beef maps for China looked like … Read more

Different parts of the world are dealing with drought – hidden treasures in dried-up riverbeds

Australians are no strangers to drought, but we’re not the only ones dealing with long, rough spells with little rain. Months of drought and record high temperatures, which scientists see as a result of climate change, have disrupted river traffic on vital arteries in other parts of Europe, including Germany, Italy and France. And in … Read more

Severe Drought Dries Up River, Reveals 113-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks in Texas Park

Texas drought has dried up a river that flows through Dinosaur Valley State Park, exposing traces of giant reptiles that lived some 113 million years ago. Most important points: Most recently revealed tracks were created by Acrocanthosaurus As an adult, he weighed almost seven tons and was 4.5 meters long While drought revealed the tracks, … Read more

Calabasas celebrities are among the worst water wasters; water officials say they’re ‘working with us’

(KTLA) — Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are being accused of using too much water as the rest of Southern California tries to conserve during a drought emergency. But water managers say it’s not just the stars that are using more than their fair share — thousands are being warned against using too much water. … Read more

China plans cloud seeding to protect cereal crops from drought

CHONGQING, China (AP) – China says it will try to protect its grain crop from record drought by using chemicals to generate rain, as factories in the southwest waited Sunday to see if they would be shut down for another week due to water shortages to generate water power. The hottest, driest summer since the … Read more

Europe’s drought exposes ancient rocks, WWII ships as waters recede

The Dolmen of Guadalperal, also known as Spain’s Stonehenge, can be seen due to the receding waters from the Valdecanas Reservoir in the suburbs of El Gordo, Spain on August 3, 2022.SUSANA VERA/Reuters Weeks of baking drought across Europe have plunged water levels in rivers and lakes to levels few can remember, exposing long-submerged treasures … Read more

Europe’s worst drought in years exposes explosive-laden Nazi WWII shipwrecks in the Danube

Europe’s worst drought in years has pushed the mighty Danube River to one of its lowest levels in nearly a century, exposing the hulls of dozens of explosive-laden German warships sunk during World War II. Most important points: The ships were among the hundreds sunk along the Danube in 1944 by Nazi Germany’s Black Sea … Read more

Dungowan Dam’s $1.3 billion price tag more than three times economic benefit, says Greens MP

A new dam planned for northwestern NSW would cost more than three times the economic benefit it would bring, according to a NSW Greens MP. Most important points: Cate Faehrmann MLC has obtained a summary of the business case She claims the dam would be very low value for money The NSW government remains committed … Read more

Welcome to Sinkhole Village. Turkey’s mysterious craters are swallowing fertile farmland in the country’s breadbasket

The gaping pit next to Mustafa Acar’s shed was about 7 meters wide and seemed to appear out of nowhere one afternoon. Just hours before, he’d been sitting right there, cooling off in the shade after a hard day’s work on his farm, tending his flock. He peered over the edge into the darkness and … Read more