As respiratory viruses strain US health care systems, the Biden administration talks about how it is willing to help

CNN — Nearly 20,000 people in the United States were hospitalized for the flu last week, nearly double the number of admissions from the previous week, according to data updated Friday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC estimates there have been at least 8.7 million illnesses, 78,000 hospitalizations, and 4,500 … Read more

HIV vaccine candidate induces immune response in early clinical trial

CNN — In a phase 1 trial, an experimental HIV vaccine was found to induce broadly neutralizing antibodies in a small group of volunteers. The findings suggest that a two-dose regimen of the vaccine, eight weeks apart, can elicit immune responses against human immunodeficiency virus. The clinical trial results, published Thursday in the journal Science … Read more

Covid-19 protests: China enters ‘new phase and mission’ for pandemic controls, says Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan

CNN — China’s top official in charge of the response to Covid told health officials on Wednesday that the country faced a “new phase and mission” in managing the pandemic, state media Xinhua reported – possibly indicating an adjustment of the ” Beijing’s zero-Covid” strategy that has sparked days of nationwide protests. “With the decreasing … Read more

Using steroids for knee osteoarthritis may make it worse, studies say

CNN — A common treatment for some arthritis pain could actually make the condition worse, according to two new studies. “Osteoarthritis of the knee is one of the most chronic, degenerative and progressive diseases, with an estimated incidence of 800,000 patients per year in the US alone,” said lead author of one of the studies, … Read more

Protests in China: At the heart of protests against zero-Covid, young people are clamoring for freedom

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Meanwhile in China newsletter, a thrice-weekly update exploring what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it’s affecting the world. Register here. CNN — For the first time in decades, thousands of people have challenged Chinese authorities to protest on universities and the streets … Read more

WHO renames monkeypox to ‘mpox’

CNN — The World Health Organization announced Monday that “mpox” is now the preferred name for monkeypox. “Both names will be used simultaneously for a year, while ‘monkey pox’ is phased out,” the organization said. Monkeypox got its name in 1970, more than a decade after the virus that causes the disease was discovered in … Read more

Improve memory as you age by eating more flavonols, study says

CNN — Eating more flavonols, antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruits, teas and wine, may slow your rate of memory loss, a new study finds. The cognitive score of people in the study who ate the most flavonols fell 0.4 units per decade more slowly than those who ate the least flavonols. The results held … Read more

China’s markets collapse as protests break out over Covid lockdowns

Hong-Kong CNN affairs — Major stock indices and the Chinese currency opened sharply lower on Monday as widespread protests against the country’s strict Covid-19 restrictions over the weekend rocked investor sentiment. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (HSI) index fell as much as 4.2% in early trading. It was down 3.5% last time. The Hang Seng (HSI) … Read more

Secrets of ‘SuperAgers’ with superior memories into their 80s

Editor’s Note: Sign up for the Fitness But Better newsletter series from CNN. Our seven-part guide helps you get into a healthy routine, backed by experts. CNN — Despite volunteering and working out at the gym several days a week, hanging out with friends and family regularly, reading all kinds of books, and doing crossword … Read more

Brazil school shooting leaves at least 3 dead, 11 injured

CNN — At least three people were killed and 11 others injured in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo on Friday after a gunman opened fire on two schools in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo. The attacks took place in the small town of Aracruz, 80 kilometers north of the capital, Vitoria. The alleged … Read more