The keys to gaming on a budget | Art and culture

Video games are expensive. With the latest Xbox and Playstation consoles, the standard price of a major studio title has risen to $70, with hundreds more for the associated hardware. However, those in the local gaming community say there are more resources than ever to get started on the hobby on a budget. It’s just … Read more

Alberta charities lose millions in union donations over Bill 32: study

A provincial law governing union donations raises some concern, especially after a new Parkland Institute study outlines how much the law costs unions and charities. “Bill 32 is a landmark piece of provincial government legislation aimed at changing a wide variety of laws related to unionization, union behavior and labor standards,” said study author and … Read more

Albertans see tax hike on gas prices October 1

Albertans will see a partial refund of the provincial fuel tax on the price of gasoline and diesel from Oct. 1, as retailers have been told by the UCP government to collect 4.5 cents per liter. Retailers were notified of the change through a special notice sent by the county on Sept. 21. READ MORE: … Read more

The loonie is at a low of almost 2 years. What does that mean for inflation? – National

As the Canadian madman falters against the rising US dollar, experts say the effect could exacerbate inflation on some goods imported from the south of the border. The Canadian dollar stands at 75 cents against the US dollar benchmark on Tuesday, a nearly two-year low for the loonie. Economists say there could be a few … Read more

Canada’s rising prices are anchored, recession may be necessary: ​​economists – National

Underlying pressures driving inflation in Canada are likely to peak in the fourth quarter of this year, economists told Reuters, though most are seeing signs of rapidly rising prices firming up and warning that a recession may be needed to prevent spiral. Canada’s inflation data for August will be released Tuesday, with analysts forecasting nominal … Read more

Making rising interest rates work in your favor, according to experts

Since the start of this calendar year, the Bank of Canada has raised its benchmark rate five times. And while there are concerns about the impact on people’s bottom line, a financial advisor says the increases could represent an opportunity for some. “Rising interest rates don’t necessarily mean a lifestyle change or something to panic … Read more

Drivers in Central Alberta profit from gas price war

Drivers in Red Deer, Alta., are currently jealous of the county. While prices in Calgary and Edmonton continue to hover around $1.40 a liter, some stations in central Alberta are selling gas for as little as $1.16. “You’re being ripped off,” said Red Deer resident Jim Boyd, as he filled up his truck Friday morning. … Read more

Not all Canadians feel the pain of interest rate hikes. Here’s Why That Might Change – National

One of Canada’s largest banks argues that while most Canadians are largely isolated from the impact of today’s rising interest rates, efforts to bring inflation down to manageable levels could leave some debtors and mortgagees feeling the pain for years to come. The Bank of Canada is widely expected to raise its benchmark rate again … Read more

‘Tipping Inflation’: Why Canadians Are Tipping More Than Ever – National

From coffee for takeaway to hair styling and fine dining – you may have noticed a phenomenon known as ‘tip creep’ or ‘tip inflation’ when you start paying for a service. It manifests itself in a number of ways: requesting tips for items you may have never tipped before; and also an increase in the … Read more

Inflation Troubles: Experts urge caution as new research shows 1 in 4 Canadians take out loans – National

One in four Canadians confessed to going into debt by 2022 to pay for the increased cost of living, a new survey finds. It is a trend where some experts are sounding the alarm. When it comes to inflation, taking out a loan to help pay bills should always be a “last resort,” says one … Read more