Yellowjackets’ adult Lottie is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Simone Kessell

Simone KessellPhoto: Don Arnold/WireImage (Getty Images) [Note: Due to the nature of Yellowjackets casting, this article contains some spoilers for the series’ first season. Read on with caution!] She lives! Another Yellow jackets character introduced only as a teenager in season one gets an adult counterpart: the Antler Queen herself, Lottie. The character portrayed by … Read more

Wednesday can torture her own past, thank you

Image: Netflix Netflix has released the first full trailer for Wednesday, the new series directed by Tim Burton that follows the oldest Addams Family child as she tries to find her way around her new school. Jenna Ortega takes the lead role, next to Catherine Zeta Jones (Morticia)), Luis Guzman (Gomez), and Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley). … Read more

Hunger Games Prequel Casts Viola Davis as Major Villain

Image: Lionsgate Mark Ruffalo talks about his plans for his MCU future, including: Avengers: Secret Wars. a new Saw is on the way. She-Hulk‘s Kat Coiro teases the role of Daredevil in the series. Plus, good news for the return of severance payand more footage from AMCs Interview with the vampire. Spoil now! The Hunger … Read more

Westworld Season 5 Will Be The Last, But HBO Didn’t Renew It

The Man in Black is going home.Image: HBO The much improved fourth season from HBO’s sci-fi series west world ended last night with a cliffhanger for the ages. A cliffhanger that basically determines the end of the series. We may never get to see it. Recently, the cover spoke to west world co-creator Lisa Joy … Read more

Stranger Things creators finally renounce adding new characters to the cast

Eduardo Franco and Charlie Heaton, seen briefly in the most recent season of Weird stuffPhoto: Netflix Although it started out fairly focused – two adults, three high school students, five tweens, a meat monster and Matthew Modine – the cast of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series Weird stuff has become a little vast In recent years. … Read more

Dreamworks Announces Kung Fu Panda 4 for 2024 Release

Image: Dreamworks Animation from Dreamworks’ different franchises through the decades, Kung Fu Panda become one of their biggest hits. After 2016 Kung Fu Panda 3, the series has evolved primarily from various CG spin-off shows and specials. (of which the most recent The Dragon Knight, premiered last month on Netflix.) But not satisfied with just … Read more

Mark Ruffalo defends Marvel’s output with an eye on Star Wars

Image: Marvel Studios During a press tour for She-Hulkspoke Mark Ruffalo with Subway about Marvel’s Use of VFX and the magnitude of the output from the studio. While he had only glowing praise for the great leaps that CGIA Over the past ten years before he was involved with Marvel, he had somewhat stronger feelings … Read more

Lifetime moves forward with plans for Anne Heche film Girl In Room 13 after car accident

Anne HechePhoto: Jesse Grant (Getty Images) Last Fridaywe reported that actor Anne Heche had been involved in a dramatic car accident and suffered what is now described as severe burns after her car crashed through a residential building in Los Angeles.. Heche’s current status (and absence) was brought to the fore in the Meeting of … Read more

She-Hulk Promo Teases Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Return

Image: Marvel/Netflix As soon as the news reached that She-Hulk got her own show, there was a lot of hope that Daredevil would show up, given both of their day jobs as lawyers. And sure enough, the man without fear becomes hanging around with Tatiana Maslany’s green future hero Jennifer Walters when She-Hulk will premiere … Read more