India’s Russian coal imports stagnate

As Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine falters against a counteroffensive, fossil fuel revenues could take another hit as imports of Russian thermal coal into India appear to fall for the first time in four months. Quoted in a note to customers by ReutersCoalmint now says it expects India’s imports of Russian thermal coal to fall … Read more

Germany now pays Russia more money for less imports

The value of German imports from Russia rose 10.2% to USD 2.94 billion (EUR 2.9 billion) in July, compared to the same month a year ago, mainly as a result of rising oil and gas prices, the German Federal Statistical Office said Monday. . However, in volume terms, German imports from Russia fell 45.8% in … Read more

China just imported a record amount of beef. Next on the shopping list is coal

China’s appetite for beef is breaking records this year and analysts say coal is the next big item on the shopping list. In July, China imported 274,000 tons of beef from around the world, worth a record $2.65 billion ($US 1.8 billion). Global Agritrends president Brett Stuart said the beef maps for China looked like … Read more

AEMO warns of power shortages in Australia’s largest network within three years as coal exodus ramps up

Electricity supply is expected to lag demand in Australia’s largest grid within three years, according to an official report that identifies the need to build new renewable energy and transmission lines as urgent. Most important points: Market operator warns power supply to Australia’s largest grid could run out within three years AEMO says massive shutdowns … Read more

Australia’s energy crisis is making winners of fossil fuel exporters and losers of everyone else, says expert

This month, Australia’s third-largest energy supplier, EnergyAustralia, revealed it had suffered losses of $1.6 billion in the first six months of this year. Most important points: Australia’s largest energy supplier, AGL, yesterday reported a 58 percent drop in its full-year benchmark profit The decline follows similar slump in the electricity and gas retail businesses of … Read more

Feeding the world’s coal addiction is more profitable than ever

The world is in the throes of a climate crisis as temperatures rise and rivers dry up, yet now has never been a better time to make money digging up coal. The shockwaves to the energy market from the Russian invasion of Ukraine mean that the world is only becoming more dependent on the most … Read more

Kazakhstan cuts coal exports for the winter

Kazakhstan plans to ban road coal exports for six months to prevent a recurrence of the shortfall caused by hasty purchases during last year’s heating season. The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development has decision that the ban on taking coal out of the country in trucks and cars will come into effect on August … Read more

The world’s largest economies are increasing coal consumption

Despite all efforts to avoid the contrary, global dependence on coal has only increased in the short term. The main reason is, of course, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain energy and most countries rely on reliable – albeit dirty – sources. How will this affect coal imports … Read more

China increasingly expected the ban on Australian coal to be dropped as the country’s economic woes deepened

Expectations that Chinese leader Xi Jinping will roll back his unofficial ban on Australian coal imports are mounting as the country’s economic problems continue to mount. Most important points: Analysts in China say the high price of imported coking coal hurts the country’s steel sector Chinese leadership is reportedly concerned about a repeat of electricity … Read more