Quentin Tarantino drops groundbreaking career news

Director Quentin Tarantino confirmed in a new interview that his upcoming tenth film will be his last. The Pulp Fiction filmmaker appeared on Who is talking to Chris Wallaceavailable to stream on Flash, to promote his new book Cinema speculation. During the interview, the 59-year-old explained why it was time to stop directing. “I’ve been … Read more

Quentin Tarantino reveals Harvey Weinstein regrets allegations of sexual misconduct

Quentin Tarantino regrets not having a “man-to-man” conversation with his former colleague Harvey Weinstein about his criminal behavior. Weinstein first worked with the director on his breakthrough hit Reservoir dogs after acquiring it at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival and a string of other films, including 2015’s The Hateful Eight. During an interview on the … Read more

Henry Winkler says he was a “damned fool” for turning down Grease’s movie role

It wasn’t always the happiest of days for The Fonz. Henry Winkler sat down with CNN’s Chris Wallace and revealed he’s a “damn fool” for passing on Danny Zuko’s iconic lead role in Fat. After playing the legendary character of Arthur Fonzarelli for ten years Happy Days from 1974 to 1984, Winkler didn’t get many … Read more

Alex Rodriguez: Baseball reflects well on steroid abuse, his past with J-Lo

Editor’s Note: Watch “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” on CNN TV Sunday at 7 p.m. ET. New episodes with full interviews are available on HBO Max every Friday. CNN — Baseball great Alex Rodriguez talks about mistakes in his personal and professional life and how they shape his growing business empire. In an interview on … Read more

Shania Twain feels ‘stronger than ever’ ahead of new album release sometime”

CNN — Shania Twain’s life could be a great country music song. In fact, there is so much material that several great country music songs can be made from it. She survived a difficult childhood, lost her parents in a car accident and at the peak of her career was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which … Read more