South Korea, US fires missiles after North Korea’s ballistic launch over Japan

South Korea and the US military fired a volley of missiles into the sea a day after North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan.

US President Joe Biden said North Korea’s launch on Tuesday posed a danger to the people of Japan, who were told to take cover as it flew over, and destabilized the region.

South Korean and US troops held their own missile drill on the coast of South Korea on Wednesday, South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said.

But a South Korean missile failed and crashed to the ground, sending residents into a panic who thought they might be attacked by North Korea.

The Hyumoo-2 short-range missile has crashed into an air base on the outskirts of the South Korean coastal city of Gangneung.

Videos on social media showed balls of orange flame from the area they described as near the base.

The military said no one was injured in the crash and that it was investigating what caused the missile’s “abnormal flight”.

‘Reckless and provocative’

North Korea’s launch on Tuesday was a “reckless and deliberately provocative act”, according to the European Union.

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