Small poultry owners in Kelowna can learn more about bird flu at the upcoming workshop

Next week, the county is organizing a workshop to provide poultry farmers in Kelowna with more information about the bird flu virus.

It will be held at Reid Hall, in the Benvoulin Heritage Park, from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm on Thursday, September 29, and is free to all who register. Seating is limited.

The session is led by BC Government Veterinary Specialists and attendees learn about the following:

  • Improving the biosecurity of flocks or farms to prevent disease outbreaks;
  • Recognizing the Signs of Bird Flu and How to Report Cases;
  • How Foreign Animal Disease Regulations Affect Poultry in Small Herds;
  • What to Expect If a Couple Is Positive for Avian Influenza; and
  • Resources available to non-commercial bird owners, including diagnostic services through the BC Animal Health Center.

Participants will also receive a complimentary biosafety kit with tools and information to maintain good biosafety practices.

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<p dir=“The risk of avian influenza to commercial poultry farms and small flocks increases each spring and fall with the migration of waterfowl and other birds through BC,” the province explains.

“The Kelowna Public Information Session is one of a series of sessions planned for communities across BC this fall.”

As of mid-April, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed 21 cases of avian influenza in commercial and small poultry flocks through BC.

It is an extension of an ongoing North American outbreak.

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