Shooting in Copenhagen shopping center: At least three dead in Denmark, police say

The shooting took place on Sunday at multiple locations in Field’s, a shopping center in the Danish capital. People can be seen running through the mall on social media and heavily armed law enforcement officers on the scene.

At a press conference early Monday morning, Copenhagen Police Chief Soren Thomassen said the victims included “a man in his forties and two young people”.

According to Thomassen, a young Danish man has been arrested “undramatically” in connection with the shooting and is currently the only suspect.

“We are convinced that the 22-year-old suspect who was arrested was the shooter, he was carrying a rifle and ammunition,” he said, adding that investigators “believe that the suspect was not collaborating with others, but that until they are absolutely sure.” of being that they don’t rule it out.”

Police arrested the suspect 13 minutes after the first emergency call about the shooting, Thomassen said.

Eyewitness Joachim Olsen, a former Danish politician and athlete, told CNN he was on his way to a gym in Field’s when he saw large groups of people exiting the mall.

“It seemed like something, I’m sorry to say, something you’d see in a school shooting in the US, people coming out with their hands over their heads,” Olsen said.

“You have people running out, looking for friends and calling friends and relatives who were inside, some talking to friends who were inside,” he said. “Old people with their arms around the necks of people who carry them outside, their feet are just dragged across the floor.”

Outside the mall, Olsen spoke to a man who spoke to an off-duty paramedic whose arms “were covered in blood up to his elbows.”

“He wanted to go back in, but the police wouldn’t let him,” Olsen said.

According to Olsen, security tried to get the crowd away from the mall.

“At one point we were chased away. The police came and said, ‘Run, run, run, they’re still shooting there.'”

People run out of the Field shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 3, 2022.

A spokesman for Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s largest hospital, told CNN that the hospital had admitted several victims and hired additional staff to handle the emergency.

A telephone line has been opened for victims and police said they have set up a central location where eyewitnesses can receive support and report their experiences to law enforcement.

Danish police said on Sunday they had evacuated thousands from the Royal Arena next to the shopping centre. The arena was scheduled to hold a Harry Styles concert, but this was canceled after the shooting.
In a statement Sunday evening, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen expressed his condolences to the injured, their relatives and the bereaved, as well as “all Danes who were close to these terrifying events”.

“We have all been brutally ripped from the beautiful summer that had just begun. It is incomprehensible. Heartbreaking. Pointless. Our beautiful and usually so safe capital had changed in a split second,” said Frederiksen.

In a statement, the Danish Royal House said: “Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to the victims, their families and everyone affected by the tragedy.”

The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, also expressed his solidarity with the people of Denmark.

“Thinking of everyone in #Copenhagen tonight after horrific reports of multiple deaths in a shopping center shooting. We are with you Denmark,” she said. tweeted
Gun violence is relatively rare in Denmark. The last major shooting incident in Copenhagen was in 2015, when a gunman attacked a free speech forum with controversial cartoonist Lars Vilks, killing one man and injuring three others.

Journalist Susanne Gargiulo reported from Copenhagen.

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