Sarah Palin mercilessly mocked on Twitter after Alaska election loss to Mary Peltola: ‘Can see her defeat from my house’

Sarah Palin’s defeat in Alaska’s congressional race quickly turned into a blank slate on Twitter, with users eagerly slamming the former vice presidential nominee and “Tea Party” Republican for being Donald Trump’s latest ally to lose.

Mary Peltola declared victory on Wednesday after the race was finally declared, weeks after nationwide voting ended and most of the races ended. The Democrat becomes the first to represent Alaska in the U.S. Congress in decades, and did so with strong bipartisan support, including an endorsement from Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of the state’s two members of the Senate.

Palin, on the other hand, was supported by the Republican Party far right and former President Donald Trump. She blamed ranked choice voting for her loss in a special election to Ms. Peltola earlier this year, but in a head-to-head second round of ranked choice voting, she lost by more than 20,000 votes this fall .

Her defeat will add to the single-digit majority that will control the GOP in the lower chamber next year, and make it that much harder for Kevin McCarthy to garner the votes he needs to become Speaker next year; some Republicans plan to vote against him.

Democrats on Twitter celebrated the news by ridiculing Ms. Palin, whose governorship career ended in early resignation amid a cloud of ethics scrutiny and whose vice-presidential bid earned her a widespread following from the U.S. far right and disgust from the left.

“I can see her defeat from my house,” one Twitter user wrote referring to the popular one Saturday Night Live parody of Mrs. Palin performed by Tina Fey.

Another reference to Ms. Fey’s portrayal was New York Congresswoman Ritchie Torres, who quipped, “Sarah Palin now has plenty of time to watch Russia from her front porch.”

“Sarah Palin, trying to emulate Trump, lost again,” wrote an account called “Duty to Warn,” which described itself as representing a coalition of mental health professionals opposed to the former president.

A number of Twitter users wrote that they were thankful that Ms. Palin’s career reboot was cut short before it began.

Others wrote that they hoped Mr Trump’s dismal record in the 2022 midterm elections would continue into the second round in Georgia in December.

Good morning. Two more Trump picks: Sarah Palin and Kelly Tshibaka lost in Alaska. Either way, we can get him to campaign for Herschel [Walker]?” one tweeted.

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