Review: The Couchmaster Cybot offers plenty of room for cozy couch gaming with a few flaws.

2020 made the home office king. Lockdown forced most 9 to 5 business people to find a corner in their homes to put on a laptop and get to work. In fact, many, myself included, have made a home office a permanent part of their home and have turned it into a haven for productivity.

But you don’t have to just computer or play games in the office. Sometimes you want to be a lot less formal and a lot more comfortable. This is where the lap desk comes in – for days when gaming, typing and streaming should happen under your cozy blanket on the couch with your pet nearby.

This is what Nerdytec wants to perfect: the cozy PC gaming experience on the couch. Sure, it’s a niche, but more people than ever are gaming, and many of them are doing it on powerful gaming laptops. Lap desks abound, but it’s surprisingly hard to find something comfortable, easy to use, and roomy enough to use a mouse, let alone put down a drink or plug in peripherals like a headset . And as anyone who’s ever spent time on the couch with a laptop knows, it can get pretty hot. The Couchmaster line ambitiously attempts to address each of these issues to create the most comfortable, ergonomic and tech-advanced laptop desk experience available?

But does it live up to the hype? We tried out the Couchmaster Cybot to see how we would feel after a few work sessions.

For starters, the Couchmaster Cybot is BIG. I was honestly shocked when the box arrived at our door. This is mainly due to the gigantic digi-camo cushions that form the base of the desk. Then there’s an extra-long lap desktop with a built-in air vent on the left and a tablet holder on the top right. There are also pockets on the sides and front where you can store other items you may need or store your mouse cable. Higher models feature cable management systems underneath and even USB ports for connecting the aforementioned peripherals.

No assembly is required as nothing can actually be attached to anything else (except the mouse pouch). You simply place the cushions on either side of you on the sofa and place the lap desk on top. The cushions can only be spaced far enough apart to accommodate the desktop, and have a fixed height and length. In front of our sofa, even when pushed all the way back, a cushion hangs off and everything slopes down. Other issues arise based on body type, with everything from height to girth threatening the ability to actually use it in a functional way, let alone comfortably. I could tuck myself into seclusion, but the ergonomic, comfortable computing I was promised is almost non-existent. I think it would help if the pillows were about 1 to 2 inches bigger, but even this wouldn’t solve the problems completely.

As for the desktop, it’s incredibly solid and well thought out about the vent, although I do find the far-left placement problematic in this model, as I had to hold my laptop farther to the left than optimal or miss some of the vent space. There’s plenty of room for a mouse pad, though, and if the desktop could lay flat on my particular couch, even room for a drink. I also enjoyed the handy pockets and pouches, although I wish the tablet stand area was a bit wider to fit a cell phone as well.

Another issue I personally had with the Couchmaster Cybot was mobility. Once you’re seated, everything has a good grip and seems to stay in place thanks to the weight and textures. When it’s time to get up for a drink or stretch, it’s a pain to get out of your cozy gaming setup without ditching your expensive electronics. Sure, you can put the huge board aside, but you’ll need to have a space nearby that can hold a desktop’s leviathan. I can’t entirely blame this one though, because one of the main things I loved about this particular lap desk was all that real estate.

Overall, the Couchmaster Cybot has some things really right – it’s the biggest and best built real desk space I’ve come across in all of my “work on the couch” trials. The cushions are also well built and all materials are durable, the company said. However, the parts are bigger than the whole, and once set up anything from hip width to arm length can make it impossible, with the design of the sofa another potential limiting factor. I wish it worked a little better with my couch and my physicality, but that just doesn’t work, which is why I’m still looking for something that will really bring home that cozy couch PC gaming/working from home experience I’ve been looking for.

If you’re interested in the Couchmaster series of lap desks, including a new one in the lineup called the Cyboss that addresses several of our issues with the Cybot, click here to visit the nerdytec website.

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